Doctor Who In A 1989 Notebook Ad, And 12 More Wacky Hungarian TV Spots

Do you love old television ads? Preferably from ex-socialist countries? Then this is the right stuff for you! YourTuber Hol van Ato has just uploaded more than one hundred funny, weird and grotesque Hungarian TV advertising spots from the 80s and 90s, and believe me: this collection is one of the most entertaining… »6/11/15 3:00am6/11/15 3:00am


Weird, Al Yankovic is currently announcing the 2013 Bonnaroo lineup via live stream

Today, in celebration of that special time of year when hundreds of thousands of young people voluntarily sleep outside and see very famous musical acts perform their very famous songs, noted weird person Al Yankovic is announcing the 2013 Bonnaroo lineup. You can watch him do his thing live in the video embedded… »2/19/13 11:59am2/19/13 11:59am

Turn Yourself into a Zombie with Dead Yourself, The Walking Dead Photo App, Win Some Killer Swag

As you can probably tell from the image above, The Walking Dead Dead Yourself photo app is truly a thing of beauty. With little-to-no physical effort on your part, you can transform your face (or the grinning visage of a loved one) into a putrid, oozing, undead nightmare — doesn't that sound like fun? »1/29/13 11:59am1/29/13 11:59am