This Poor Plane is More Ice than Aircraft After an Extreme Icing Test

Holy crap. Testing how aircraft ice in extreme cold weather makes sense, but surely this is going too far?! This 1983 test at NASA’s Icing Research Tunnel dropped this commuter transport engine into its own special torment, spraying it with water to observe freezing on the test model. »11/08/15 10:30am11/08/15 10:30am

This off-road robot could help revolutionize the exploration of other planets

You're looking at the future of space exploration: a robot who can move fast though slippery, sandy terrain. With the help of new experimental techniques, robots inspired by the one above could one day be used for search-and-rescue missions, or exploring the surface of Mars, with unprecedented speed and mobility. »3/21/13 2:14pm3/21/13 2:14pm