Extraterrestrial farmers to raise grain without soil?

If humans are to colonize space, how will we manage sustainable agriculture? Enter the science of aeroponics.

If you were to attempt to raise a garden utilizing only lunar or Martian soil, chances are that your precious plants would either die a horrible death or survive albeit malnourished. » 12/12/10 7:10am 12/12/10 7:10am

Grow Your Own Treehouse, Using Only Air

Some of you may look upon trees as villains after our shocking exposé on the subject » 9/20/08 1:00pm 9/20/08 1:00pm, but it turns out that scientists can cultivate trees to bend their branches to our will. Using the technique of aeroponics — growing plants exclusively in air, like tropical hanging orchids — a company called Plantware hopes to…