The Law of Remembrance: What Octavia Butler Taught Me


As a young aspiring science-fiction writer, I've always considered Octavia Butler my spirit guide. I went to sleep and woke up with Kindred, the Parables, and Wild Seed and tried to recruit everyone in all of my English classes to her following. Turns out my teachers weren't all so interested in the rich tapestries of… » 2/12/15 12:30pm 2/12/15 12:30pm

Kenyan TV show imagines European refugees fleeing to Africa in 2062

Kenyan TV series Usoni plans to flip the script on immigration stories by imagining a future in which the sun is no longer visible in most parts of the world, leaving Africa as the sole oasis of sunshine. » 11/17/13 3:30pm 11/17/13 3:30pm

Comment of the Day: Afrofuturism Edition

In today's comments, we parsed out the procedure for the perfect selfie, chose the historical figures we wished would just stay in the past, and looked at the global reach of afrofuturism. » 10/22/13 4:40pm 10/22/13 4:40pm

Ytasha Womack, Author of Afrofuturism, Is Here to Answer Questions!

Ytasha Womack, the author of Afrofuturism: The World of Black Sci-Fi and Fantasy Culture, is here to answer your questions today! » 10/22/13 9:51am 10/22/13 9:51am

The October Science Fiction and Fantasy Books You Can't Afford to Miss!

This month, a major fantasy series comes to its long-awaited conclusion. Anne Rice turns her attention to werewolves. Dan Simmons and Dave Eggers meet the Abominable Snowman and Facebook, respectively. Here are all the science fiction and fantasy books you must check out in October! » 10/08/13 2:38pm 10/08/13 2:38pm

Black Kirby and Janelle Monae: The New Cutting Edge of Afrofuturism

Afrofuturism, the movement that puts people of African descent at the center of futuristic and science-fictional ideals, has gotten a new avatar in the form of singer Janelle Monae. But there's also a new book coming out, two new art shows, an Octavia Butler graphic novel, and much, much more. » 10/01/13 11:42am 10/01/13 11:42am

This fashion show is like a glimpse of the future

Fashion designer Rick Owens debuted his new line in Paris this week with this incredible, futuristic show featuring steppers. It's absolutely mesmerizing, and reminds me of Afro-futurist art or the movie Born in Flames. Just gorgeous. » 9/27/13 4:32pm 9/27/13 4:32pm

Crowdfund an Afrofuturism anthology and the ultimate convention guide

Want to build your own robot spider tank? You can fund kits for your small robot army on Kickstarter. Plus, there's an anthology of Afrofuturism, a comprehensive convention database, and a photobook that takes us behind the scenes of cosplay creation. » 8/04/13 12:00pm 8/04/13 12:00pm

Our New Favorite Tumblr: The Afrofuturist Affair

There's so much great Afrofuturism going on, both online and in realtime, that you need a place to keep track of it all. Luckily, the Afrofuturist Affair Tumblr collects a lot of the best writing, event announcements, art, videos and random cultural detritus in one place. » 10/22/12 4:40pm 10/22/12 4:40pm

Afro Futurist Lit Is Bleaker Than Cyberpunk

In the Afro-futurist fiction of Walter Mosley and Octavia Butler, the heroes are often at the mercy of the system, writes blogger Christopher Bradley. That isn't so much the case for Cyberpunk's outsider heroes, he points out. » 12/08/08 1:00pm 12/08/08 1:00pm

Escaping From Slave Ships To Space Ships

Spinning out of an off-hand comment at Comic-Con from Grant Morrison about how "artists tend to draw white guys," comic critic and commentator David Brothers offers up an insightful essay about what science fiction can represent with regards to black cultural identity.Considering the concept of Afro Futurism and the… » 8/08/08 12:13pm 8/08/08 12:13pm

Kanye West Lost In Space, With Only Killer Beats And Sexbot For Company

Rapper Kanye West premiered his space opera-themed Glow In The Dark tour last night in Seattle, and he may have single-handedly reinvented hip hop performance for a science fictional era. Rapping alone, in front of screens that showed whirling backgrounds of space porn, he navigated through the story of an "astronaut… » 4/17/08 4:00pm 4/17/08 4:00pm

What Do You Think About the New Afrofuturism?

Everybody is YouTubing Barack Obama's March 18 speech about racial politics partly because it was one of the most nuanced political speeches in recent memory, but also because he played the futurist card. He talked about his own racially-mixed family, and speculated about how mixed-race community and people represent… » 3/20/08 3:25pm 3/20/08 3:25pm