Two souls form a strange friendship on an island in a river to Hell

Like so many other souls living in the world of the webcomic Judecca (NSFW), Sharky lives a shabby life, spending his days in Sisyphean labor and his evenings with too little warmth and too little food in the company of his rabbit roommate, while his own body becomes more like a shark's. But when a mysterious mute… »12/14/13 11:30am12/14/13 11:30am


Land of the Gun-Toting Monks: Your First Look at Melissa Marr's The Arrivals!

Melissa Marr has caused a huge splash with young-adult fantasy books like Wicked Lovely — and now she's making a big move into adult fiction with her new novel The Arrivals, about a group of people who find themselves in a strange and terrible land — a place where people shoot at you and do deadly magic. »2/08/13 4:14pm2/08/13 4:14pm

A skeleton seeks out his lost memories in webcomic Helvetica's Grim Fandango afterlife

In the Ancient Greek afterlife, souls that went to Tartarus drank from the pool of Lethe, whose waters caused them to forget the lives they'd shed. In the webcomic Helvetica, skeletal souls arrive in the afterlife with no memory of their past lives — or even their names. Most are content to eke out new afterlives in… »4/21/12 11:30am4/21/12 11:30am