Here's The First (Tiny) Look At The Vision In Avengers: Age Of Ultron

Marvel has been releasing two interconnected Avengers: Age of Ultron posters a day at Comic-Con; when the last two posters are released tomorrow, we'll post the entire, 8-part epic picture. But today's Quicksilver poster reveals something more — the first glimpse of the android known as The Vision! » 7/25/14 9:42am 7/25/14 9:42am

Here's where you can get your first look at Avengers: Age of Ultron

Specifically, it'll be on Tuesday, March 18th, at 8:00 pm (EST). That's when Marvel Studios will air a one-hour special on ABC, explaining its origins, going behind the scenes of itself, and discussing how awesome it is — none of which is at all important, except that it'll also feature the first look at the Avengers » 2/27/14 12:48pm 2/27/14 12:48pm

Avengers: Age of Ultron finds (and casts!) its second villain

The evil robot Ultron has found the filthy human meatbag who will share his villainous spotlight in the Avengers movie sequel: Baron Von Strucker, another ex-Nazi bad guy of Captain America's acquaintance, who will be played by German actor Thomas Kretschmann, of Dracula, King Kong and Valkyrie fame. » 1/15/14 12:20pm 1/15/14 12:20pm

Check out the Avengers 2: Age of Ultron promo from Comic-Con!

It's short, it uses old Avengers movie dialogue, and features no footage whatsoever — and yet this promo for the Avengers: Age of Ultron sequel that aired at this year's Comic-Con is still completely badass. See Ultron's iconic visage and the movie's title reveal, and hear how the crowd completely freaked out. » 9/25/13 6:40am 9/25/13 6:40am

Who won Comic-Con, Superman/Batman or Avengers 2: Age of Ultron?

Are you sick of Comic-Con yet? I hope not, because the ol’ mailbag is full of questions regarding the events of this year’s nerd prom. Man of Steel 2! The new origin of Ultron! Why the people who get into Hall H are the chosen ones! If a fake mailman from the future can't explain the vagaries of Comic-Con 2013, who… » 7/31/13 8:00am 7/31/13 8:00am

Mulder and Scully return to solve the mystery of This Week’s Comics!

What is the terrifying truth behind this week’s comic releases? I don’t have the faintest clue. I do, however, know that The X-Files is finally back thanks to IDW, continuing right where it left off. Plus a new Marvel event begins, a beloved Vertigo tale ends, and BKV's Saga continues, all in this week’s comics! » 6/18/13 2:50pm 6/18/13 2:50pm

Why Marvel’s upcoming "Age of Ultron" may actually be the event that…

If you're a comics fan, you've heard it a million times (literally. Go back and count): "This changes everything!" Marvel or DC touts some big comic event, some major character dies, Cap gets his shield broken, Batman gets a new sidekick whatever… and eventually it all goes back to normal and nothing has really… » 11/20/12 7:17am 11/20/12 7:17am