Agents of SHIELD Is Full Of Shattered Identities And Torn Relationships

Last night's episode of Agents of SHIELD delved a lot deeper into one of the main themes of season two: People who have lost themselves, or had their identities wrecked, and the absolutely terrible relationships they find themselves in. And it turns out dealing with people who aren't true to themselves carries a high… » 3/25/15 8:30am Wednesday 8:30am

"SHIELD Hasn't Changed": The Most Depressing Agents of SHIELD Yet?

Since the very first episode involving Mike Peterson, the big question on Marvel's Agents of SHIELD has been, "How do you handle people with potentially destructive powers?" And last night's episode, "One Of Us," suggests that SHIELD's answer to that question was... not great. » 3/18/15 8:30am 3/18/15 8:30am

Agents Of SHIELD Doesn't Keep Us Waiting For The Other Shoe To Drop

After the relatively fast pace of Agent Carter, I was sort of prepared for Agents of SHIELD to be a bit more leisurely, stringing us along in between big reveals and character turns. Which made last night's "Who You Really Are" a pleasant surprise, given how much stuff transpired. Spoilers ahead... » 3/11/15 8:30am 3/11/15 8:30am

The Scene That Made Last Night's Agents of SHIELD Totally Worthwhile

The midseason premiere of Agents of SHIELD was sort of a mixed bag, really. But this big climactic scene made the whole shebang absolutely worth it. This is the kind of curveball that makes this show's characters richer and better. Spoilers ahead... » 3/04/15 8:40am 3/04/15 8:40am

I Can't Stop Watching This Lovely Moment From The Last Agents of SHIELD

Seriously, this scene brings a tear to my eye every time I watch it. A tear of pure, beautiful joy. This event made absolutely everything totally worthwhile, all by itself. But luckily, "What They Become" was also full of huge reveals and surprises. Spoilers ahead... » 12/10/14 8:46am 12/10/14 8:46am

The Agents of SHIELD Manage To Turn A Head Start Into A Faceplant

Last night's Agents of SHIELD was just crushing, because it seemed as though the "good guys" were a step ahead of Hydra, for the first time since Captain America 2. Of course, it was too good to last, because this show loves to torture its characters (and us.) Spoilers ahead... » 12/03/14 8:30am 12/03/14 8:30am

On Agents Of SHIELD, Revenge Is A Dish That Only Tastes Good To Psychos

Last night's Agents of SHIELD was chock full of backstory, and we learned a ton about a handful of the show's villains and psychopaths. But the over-arching theme seemed to be revenge, and the ugly things that people do to get revenge for ancient injuries. Spoilers ahead... » 11/19/14 8:30am 11/19/14 8:30am

At Last We Learn The Meaning Of Agents Of SHIELD's Mysterious Writing

Last night's Agents of SHIELD pushed Agent Coulson to the very edge of his sanity, and made us (and some of his subordinates) question whether he was finally going bonkers due to the Kree blood in his system. And then... we got a startling, clever solution to the "alien writing" riddle. Spoilers ahead... » 11/12/14 3:21pm 11/12/14 3:21pm

Everyone's Secrets Get Revealed On Agents of SHIELD

Last night's episode of Agents of SHIELD was jam-packed with twists, and huge reveals. Everybody learned at least one major bombshell, and we found out who Lance Hunter's ex-wife was. Plus both SHIELD and Hydra gained new allies, and the stakes got massively raised. Spoilers ahead... » 10/22/14 8:30am 10/22/14 8:30am

The Latest Agents Of SHIELD's Comedy Conceals A Deep Layer Of Darkness

On the surface, last night's episode of Agents of SHIELD was about "facing reality" — something both Coulson and Fitz were grappling with. But on a deeper level, the (super funny) episode was about how the two men are both severely damaged. And the question of how far you can trust yourself, much less your friends. » 10/15/14 8:30am 10/15/14 8:30am

We Only Thought Agents Of SHIELD Was Twisting The Knife Before

Things have been getting darker and bleaker on Agents of SHIELD ever since the big revelations in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. And the season premiere contained a couple huge gut-punches. But it turned out the show was just getting started, and last night was basically one long kick in the teeth. Spoilers… » 10/08/14 8:30am 10/08/14 8:30am

Did Skye Just Become The Biggest Badass On Agents Of SHIELD?

Truly, this is a time of miracles. First Ward, who was so boring he actually made fun of himself for being boring, became the most fascinating character. And now Skye, whom the show had to keep telling us was awesome, is suddenly being a total straight-up badass. Meanwhile, Coulson continues to suffer. Yay. » 4/30/14 12:07pm 4/30/14 12:07pm

Coulson's team are the only competent people on Agents of SHIELD

Last night's episode of Agents of SHIELD was pretty solidly entertaining — and all of the members of Coulson's gang of misfits were both likable and good at their jobs. Unfortunately, their hyper-competence comes at the expense of the rest of their organization, which comes out looking kind of weak. » 1/15/14 12:07pm 1/15/14 12:07pm

​I've figured out all the problems with Agents of SHIELD

Let me be upfront and say anyone expecting "The Hub" to be as epic as all its "Level 8 Clearance" promos implied it was going to be was surely disappointed. But despite my early misgivings, I ended up liking the episode a lot, although probably not for the reasons the showrunners hoped. But what most strikes me most… » 11/13/13 8:45am 11/13/13 8:45am

Half of last night’s Agents of SHIELD was its best episode yet

If you turned off Agents of SHIELD halfway through “F.Z.Z.T.”, I don’t blame you. The first half was spent watching this supposedly super-important team investigate the deaths of three volunteer firefighters (a good thing to do, but not exactly the highest stakes). But if you did turn it off, you missed the good part… » 11/06/13 8:40am 11/06/13 8:40am