Here is How Your Smartphone Is Truly Aging You (It's Not "Tech Neck")

Another day, another mention of how staring at your smartphone is slowly withering you into an unrecognizable pile of sallow, sagging flesh. But I can assure you that "tech neck" is not the only smartphone-induced culprit of rapid aging. It's not just the phone that's going to send you to an early grave, but what's in… » 3/15/15 3:12pm 3/15/15 3:12pm

Meet Tiffany Two, The World's Oldest Cat (She'll Be 27 Next Month)

Congrats to San Diego tortoiseshell Tiffany Two, who will turn 27 on March 13 ... making her the world's oldest living cat, according to Guinness World Records. That's 125 in human years. » 2/09/15 2:20pm 2/09/15 2:20pm

New Technique Reverses Aging By Decades In Cultured Human Cells

Scientists from Stanford Medical Center have devised a technique for extending the length of human telomeres. It's a breakthrough that could eventually result in therapies to treat a host of age-related diseases, including heart disease and diabetes. It could also result in longer, healthier lives. » 1/30/15 8:00am 1/30/15 8:00am

A Cool New Theory Explains Why Red Wine Is So Damned Good For You

The antioxidant resveratrol, which is found in red wine and other foods like nuts and soy, is known for its ability to decrease incidence of heart disease and other illnesses, leading some to call it the "elixir of youth." Researchers at the Scripps Research Institute now have an explanation for how it works. » 12/23/14 12:20pm 12/23/14 12:20pm

Why The World Will Benefit From An Aging Population

As the bulk of the global population gets progressively older, most of us worry about the potential problems it'll create. But a new study suggests that aging and the social changes that go along with it may introduce many positive benefits. » 9/24/14 11:20am 9/24/14 11:20am

Cellular Toggle Switch Could Herald An Anti-Aging Breakthrough

Researchers at the Salk Institute have discovered a toggle switch for aging cells. By controlling the growth of telomeres, it may eventually be possible to coax healthy cells to keep dividing and generating even in old age. » 9/23/14 9:00am 9/23/14 9:00am

How Sleep Changes as You Age, and Why You'll Need Even More of It

Not sleeping as well as you used to? Maybe it's just you're naturally getting older. Unfortunately, since sleep is so important for protecting your mind and body physically, it's a Catch-22. » 8/06/14 2:12am 8/06/14 2:12am

Mice lacking pain receptor live longer

A new paper in Cell shows a fascinating link between sensing pain and longevity. TRPV1, more commonly known as the capsaicin receptor, is expressed on our sensory neurons and is important for detecting pain and heat. » 5/29/14 3:30am 5/29/14 3:30am

The Mysterious Disease That Prevents Girls From Growing Older

A handful of girls diagnosed as having 'Syndrome X' seem to defy one of the biggest certainties in life: aging. Scientists who are working to understand this rare condition say it could inform our efforts to radically extend the human lifespan. » 5/20/14 1:24pm 5/20/14 1:24pm

A new study suggests it's all downhill after our mid-twenties. By comparing the performance of 3,305 StarCraft 2 players aged 16 to 44, researchers say we reach the peak of our cognitive motor performance at the age of 24. On the positive side, they say older plays can still find ways to compensate. » 4/15/14 2:40pm 4/15/14 2:40pm

There is a class of animals that never grow old

We're born, we grow, we age, and then we die. Well, maybe not all of us, according to a new study on the animals amongst us who, while they continue to grow older, don't deteriorate with age. » 12/09/13 9:00am 12/09/13 9:00am

Scientists Discover Parts of Our Bodies Age at Different Rates

Some people age faster than others, but the discovery of a DNA body clock by UCLA researchers now shows that different parts of our bodies age faster than others. The discovery offers important insights into the aging process — and what we might be able to do about it. » 10/21/13 8:13am 10/21/13 8:13am

The First Evidence That Alzheimer's Can Be Thwarted With A Pill

Scientists have just discovered a chemical that prevents the death of brain tissue from neurodegenerative disease. The breakthrough is being called a "turning point" in the struggle to defeat a number of aged-related disorders, including Alzheimer's and Parkinson's. » 10/10/13 1:30pm 10/10/13 1:30pm

The first evidence that lifestyle changes can reverse aging

A new five-year pilot study has shown that lifestyle changes, like an improved diet, exercise, and stress management, may help reverse aging processes at the cellular level. But as exciting as this finding is, we’re still far from the proverbial fountain of youth. » 9/17/13 8:00am 9/17/13 8:00am

This girl ages into an old woman before your eyes without you noticing

Stop what you're doing, set aside five minutes of your time and watch this from start to finish (no skipping around). It's stunning. Easily one of the best depictions of the aging process we've ever seen. » 9/10/13 6:40am 9/10/13 6:40am

How Back to the Future II's "old" make-up compares to actual aging

We still have two years before 2015, the year Back to the Future II revealed to us — including how stars Michael J. Fox, Lea Thompson and Thomas Wilson might age. How did the movie do in portraying their older selves? Turns out not too bad! Certainly more accurate than the public fax machines the movie imagined. » 8/08/13 1:40pm 8/08/13 1:40pm

Bees pay a steep price for that whole "perpetuating the species" thing

If you're going to be reborn as a worker bee, make sure you don't do it in the summer. That's the time of year when the queen bee demands the most jelly to feed her young, and once that work is done, bees typically die just two weeks later. But in winter, otherwise identical bees can live six to seven months, which… » 4/21/13 5:00pm 4/21/13 5:00pm

People who age prematurely could soon benefit from rejuvenation…

Humans age at different rates, as a result of various factors like lifestyle and genetics. Now, a new study from the ENGAGE Consortium suggests that people who age faster are at an increased risk of developing age-related diseases like heart disease, multiple sclerosis, and various cancers. The researchers suggest… » 3/29/13 3:40pm 3/29/13 3:40pm

Does the science of aging suggest we're 'programmed to die'?

In an effort to slow down — and even halt — the aging process, scientists are increasingly turning their attention to the various external and internal factors that give rise to it. As this new video by AsapSCIENCE shows, we're all slaves to a biological clock that's been ticking away since the moment we were born —… » 3/14/13 6:20am 3/14/13 6:20am

Transplanted Brain Cells Can Outlast The Body's Biological Clock

The problem with cells is that they have an expiry date. They can only replicate so many times before they hit a biologically predetermined limit and sputter out. But a recent study by neuroscientist Lorenzo Magrassi from the University of Pavia in Italy shows that mammalian neurons are not subject to this kind of… » 2/26/13 8:00am 2/26/13 8:00am