7 Signs That Humans Are Domestic Animals

Tens of thousands of years ago, humans were wild animals. Our ancestors roamed the land in search of food by day, and huddled together for safety by night. But then something changed. We domesticated ourselves, and this process didn't just change us profoundly — it changed a lot of other life forms around us, too. » 6/05/14 10:00am 6/05/14 10:00am

This Farmer Is Trying to Save Chickens "Rejected" By Big Poultry

Frank Reese is a farmer in Kansas who raises breeds of chicken that are dying out, despite their hardiness and tastiness — because they're of no interest to the poultry industry. But he says that we're going to need these breeds in the future, partly because they may be able to cope better with climate change. » 5/30/14 9:20am 5/30/14 9:20am

Breakthrough: Synthetic Meat Made From Stem Cells

Last year, scientists created the world's first lab-grown burger — and by all accounts it didn't taste half bad. Sadly, the cost of a single patty ran upwards of $385,000. Now, European researchers have developed a small-scale manufacturing technique for synthetic meat that could eventually prove revolutionary. » 5/20/14 9:30am 5/20/14 9:30am