Why Is Bollywood's Unfilmed Robot Epic Already Spawning Imitators?

The Bollywood robot epic Endhiran (formerly called Robot) hasn't even finished filming, and it's already spawning copycats. And it's easy to see why, based on what we're hearing about the crazy S. Shankar project. » 12/19/08 3:44pm 12/19/08 3:44pm

Bollywood Does Predator!

"India's scariest movie ever" sounds like a remake of Predator. The flick, called Agyaat (The Unknown), features a group of people trapped in the jungle with an invisible alien killer who's picking them off one by one. Ram Gopal Varma, director of breakout horror hit Phoonk, says the real star of Agyaat, filming next… » 11/18/08 1:19pm 11/18/08 1:19pm