North Korea's New Miracle Drug Cures HIV and Ebola, Says North Korea

North Korea, famed for its unicorns and its non-Photoshopped, totally real missiles, has done it again. The DPRK’s extremely reliable state-run media agency reports that homegrown scientists have found the cure for HIV, various cancers, heart disease, impotence, bad skin, Ebola ... everything, really. Turns out the… » 6/20/15 8:00am 6/20/15 8:00am

Would you drop $10,000 a year to stop yourself from getting HIV?

Thanks to advances in fighting HIV/AIDS over the last decades, these diseases are no longer the death sentences they once were — and some drugs offer the chance to protect against infection in the first place. Considering the huge price associated with these pills, would it make sense to do so? And for whom? » 4/25/12 10:20am 4/25/12 10:20am

Screw chicken broth, Tibetan sheep placenta AIDS soup will cure what ails you

Chicken soup is prescribed for the common cold, but, despite its ingredients, this magnificently named broth from the Forgotten Perfume restaurant in Beijing's Shimao Mall somehow manages to cure hepatosplenomegaly and "tuberculosis embolism." Yes, "strong Tibetan sheep placenta nourishing soup AIDS" (a.k.a. "a fish… » 2/20/12 12:15pm 2/20/12 12:15pm

Breakthrough: Gene Therapy Provides Full Protection from HIV Transmission in Mice

For hundreds of years, immunization has been one of society's most elegant and dependable methods of disease prevention. Vaccines have been developed for infections ranging from measles to HPV. Many of us get vaccinated to protect ourselves against seasonal illness, or before traveling internationally. Vaccination is… » 12/01/11 8:11am 12/01/11 8:11am

What can this glow-in-the-dark kitten teach scientists about AIDS?

This picture of a glowing cat has not been altered in any way. The cat, on the other hand, has been altered quite a bit. A team of researchers has genetically engineered it to express green fluorescent protein (aka "GFP," originally found in jellyfish), which makes the cat glow green under ultraviolet light. » 9/12/11 5:00pm 9/12/11 5:00pm