7 Bio-Artists Who Are Transforming the Fabric of Life Itself

Some of the most provocative artists today deal with biotechnology. Working with scientists and engineers, these artists transform living tissue and even their own bodies into works of art. Here are seven bio-artists whose contributions you should know. » 6/24/13 10:17am 6/24/13 10:17am

See an exoskeleton that helps paraplegics to walk (and other bionics)…

PBS Newshour recently did a neat segment on the various advancements in medical bionics, such exoskeletons and biomimetic arms. The segment also featured amputee athlete Aimee Mullins, who's competed with carbon-fiber "cheetah leg" protheses. » 7/04/11 3:30pm 7/04/11 3:30pm

Portraits In Posthumanity: Aimee Mullins

A one-time intelligence analyst with the Pentagon, Aimee Mullins is an athlete, model, and activist. And she does it all using a collection of experimental prosthetic legs. She says her special "cheetah" legs give her superpowers. » 5/10/10 7:08pm 5/10/10 7:08pm