Fly into the 4 Nations of Airbender with a video tour

These four landscape videos are your first look at the way the live-action movie represents the expansive animated worlds of Avatar: The Last Airbender. From the looks of things, Shyamalan's mastered the land. Now what about the heart and humor? » 6/21/10 8:00am 6/21/10 8:00am

New Airbender Trailers Now With More Bending, Humor And Appa-Riding!

A handful of new Airbender trailers have been released this weekend stuffed with new footage. Check out the furious water- and fire-bending battles, new sets and the first ever footage of the great white sky bison in flight. » 3/29/10 7:00am 3/29/10 7:00am

Golden New Stills From Shyamalan's Last Airbender

Now that we've gotten to know Avatar, it's finally time to rediscover Avatar: The Last Airbender, the live-action version. Here's a brand new look at the bald bad-ass Aang, getting his airbending on. » 12/30/09 8:00am 12/30/09 8:00am