These videos of airplanes launching from aircraft carriers are badass

Once again, the French Navy shows they make the best airplane videos there are. This one shows the flight deck operations onboard the nuclear-powered aircraft carrier Charles DeGaulle. Although I would have preferred no soundtrack, it helps that, instead of using dubstep, they slapped in AC/DC's Thunderstruck. » 1/07/15 5:40pm 1/07/15 5:40pm

The Supersonic Nazi Rocket Concept Designed to Bomb Any City in 1 Hour

When WWII ended, American engineers examined a trove of Nazi concepts for rocket-powered weapons and airplanes. One of the most terrifying was Eugen Sänger's antipodal bomber, a manned supersonic plane designed to reach any city on Earth in one hour. Thank heavens it never worked. » 8/09/14 5:09pm 8/09/14 5:09pm

Multi-Winged Planes Are Aviation History's Most Amazing Failures

Aircraft makers tried a lot of different designs before settling on the two-winged planes and jets we're familiar with today. Inventors toyed with the idea of a multi-winged aircraft — often fashioned from incredibly complicated structures — before discarding it. Here are some of their most amazing failures. » 12/17/13 4:22pm 12/17/13 4:22pm

What International Air Travel Was Like in the 1930s

Today we largely take international air travel for granted. Every major city in the world is little more than a hop, skip, and jump away. But what was it actually like to fly halfway around the world in the 1930s, when the very concept was still novel? Pretty incredible, as it turns out—provided you could afford it. » 11/27/13 6:11pm 11/27/13 6:11pm

Watch 90 airplanes take off in 30 seconds at the San Diego Airport

Cy Kuchenbaker has already made a name for himself doing composite videos of 5 hours of airplanes landing at the San Diego airport in 30 seconds. Now he's back with this incredible look at airplanes taking off from the same spot. He's compressed several hours of takeoffs into 30 seconds, so that you can see dozens… » 1/28/13 9:30am 1/28/13 9:30am

The aeronautic feats of a record-holding romance writer

Sometimes contributions to science come from the most unlikely people. One such person was a romance writer who broke two different world records for writing appalling romances, while making a daredevil contribution to the world of early aviation. Get ready for the high-flying life of Barbara Cartland. » 5/24/12 7:00am 5/24/12 7:00am

Silent scenes from the airplane graveyards of the American Southwest

The dry climate of the southwest United States is a popular spot for airplane boneyards. When airlines need to stow away planes or lay them to rest, they will ship planes out to aviation boneyards in states like California and Arizona. And sometimes, photographers brave security patrols and barbed-wire fences to… » 10/23/11 2:00pm 10/23/11 2:00pm

Amelia Earhart's old letters hold clue to her disappearance

The Amelia Earhart disappearance hasn't actually been a mystery so much as a jumping-off point for as many fantastical theories as possible. Earhart had often been credited as a better self-promoter and daredevil than a pilot. Her last stunt, in 1937, was an attempt to make the record books as the first woman to… » 2/20/11 10:00am 2/20/11 10:00am