The Most WTF Scenes From True Blood, A Show For Adults

This is it, the very last season of True Blood. And in order to give this series a fond farewell, we thought we'd highlight the things that made it stand out above all the rest: the really, really weird (and awesome) scenes that could only exist in True Blood. So here they are, the greatest WTF moments from six years… » 6/19/14 1:43pm 6/19/14 1:43pm

True Blood's Annoying Baby Vamp Gets A Back Story

You all remember baby Jessica from True Blood right? The little annoying girl who was forced into Bill's arms, and now dresses like a Hot Topic reject with a terrible attitude? Yes, I quite liked her myself. Well according to some new casting reports, Jessica will be getting a submissive mother (pictured left played… » 2/23/09 9:30am 2/23/09 9:30am