All Futures Are Political: a Q&A With Spec-Fic Author Alaya Dawn Johnson


For a super-genre known for its imagination of radically different worlds and futurescapes, speculative fiction has always been considerably conservative. Spec-fic—an umbrella term encompassing science-fiction, fantasy, horror, alternate history, and some in-between works—has often contrasted fantastic worlds of… » 5/12/15 7:38am 5/12/15 7:38am

Alaya Dawn Johnson is here answering your questions from 1-2 PM PST

This month, the io9 Book Club read Alaya Dawn Johnson's incredible book The Summer Prince. Johnson will be here today, from 2-3 PM PST, to answer any questions you have about that novel, about her 1920s vampire novels, about YA fiction, or about fantasy and science fiction writing in general. » 5/10/13 12:12pm 5/10/13 12:12pm

The Summer Prince takes us to a future Brazil with human sacrifice

Alaya Dawn Johnson’s The Summer Prince takes place in Palmeres Tres, a far-future Brazilian city ruled by women, where every five years a Summer King is elected to help rule for a year. Feted like a rock star, at the end of the year the Summer King selects a new Queen and is killed to guarantee his selection is… » 4/15/13 1:22pm 4/15/13 1:22pm