The 18th Century Version of L. Ron Hubbard Convinced the World He Was Immortal

There are two ways to look at the Comte de Saint Germain. One is that he was a brilliant flim-flam artist who lived better by his wits than most people did by either their work or their inherited wealth. The other that he wasn't anything - that he is an immortal alchemist who has continued to show up into the present… »10/17/12 5:00pm10/17/12 5:00pm

Kevin J. Anderson talks Clockwork Angels, his new novel with Rush drummer Neil Peart

Kevin J. Anderson's latest novel, Clockwork Angels, officially hit the bookshelves this past Tuesday (September 4). Set in a quasi-dystopian steampunk and alchemy-infused world, the novel is a collaboration with his longtime friend, famed Rush drummer and lyricist Neil Peart. We recently had a chance to talk to… »9/06/12 11:00am9/06/12 11:00am

Incredible videos recreate Isaac Newton's experiments with alchemy

You may be familiar with Isaac Newton from such inventions as calculus and the law of universal gravitation. What you may not know is that he was also an avid "chymist," or alchemist. In fact, Newton actually wrote roughly a million words about alchemy and his experiments with it — as Indiana University science… »5/15/12 5:30pm5/15/12 5:30pm