How Do Your Drinking Habits Compare To The Rest Of The Country's?

If you have two drinks a day, you're only in the top 20% of of American adults in terms of per-capita alcohol consumption. » 10/03/14 3:00pm 10/03/14 3:00pm

Even a single alcohol binge can cause serious health problems. According to a new study by the National Institutes of Health, a bout of heavy drinking causes bacteria to leak from the gut and release toxins into the blood—which leads to an excessive production of immune cells that could potentially damage body tissue. » 5/16/14 12:20pm 5/16/14 12:20pm

Nope. Scientists did not just find an 'alcoholism gene'

A number of media outlets are reporting on the apparent discovery of an alcoholism gene — a "single fault" in your DNA that supposedly contributes to alcohol dependency. But while this new research is interesting, it's clear that addiction is much more complex than that. » 11/28/13 10:30am 11/28/13 10:30am

How much alcohol is too much?

Located somewhere between the craggy cliffs of Raging Alcoholism and the tranquil (if a tad repressed) planes of Stone-Cold Sobriety roll the pleasantly sloping hills of Moderate Booze-Consumption. It's a nice, pleasantly buzzed place to visit – but getting there can be a little tricky. What does it really mean, after… » 9/10/13 12:20pm 9/10/13 12:20pm

Are you in danger of spontaneously combusting? The risk factors…

Modern scientists are still investigating what might be behind reports of alleged spontaneous human combustion, but by the end of the 18th century, reports of humans suddenly going up in flames were pervasive enough that physicians compiled supposed risk factors for the phenomenon. » 2/23/13 10:00am 2/23/13 10:00am

Watch drunken monkeys steal cocktails from Caribbean beach resorts

On the West Indies island of St. Kitts, vervet monkeys prowl the beaches, snagging sugary cocktails from unsuspecting beach-goers. The BBC's Weird Science captured these booze hound primates in their not-so-native state. And there's a method to their videographing madness besides filming stumbling furry alcoholics;… » 2/25/12 9:00am 2/25/12 9:00am

Brain chemistry may explain why men are more likely to become alcoholics

Men are up to twice as likely to become alcoholics than women, and a new study indicates that this propensity may be tied to dopamine production. Researchers found that men's brains are hardwired to release more dopamine when consuming booze. » 10/18/10 11:10am 10/18/10 11:10am

One Mutation Could Prevent You From Becoming An Alcoholic

Do you feel exhausted after a couple of drinks? Need constant Red Bull infusions to make it out of the bar? You might have a mutation that prevents you from becoming an addict. » 5/07/10 1:56pm 5/07/10 1:56pm