This Gorgeous Art Show Celebrates Our Favourite Space-Bound Heroes

I think it's safe to say we're all fans of sci-fi in a variety of forms around here - we love not just the majesty of space, but all the heroes who trek out into the black in pursuit of adventure. So what better way to celebrate them than with this beautiful gallery exhibition from the fine folks at Iam8bit? »2/05/15 2:20pm2/05/15 2:20pm


Behold a scene from the nonexistent Shaun of the Dead 1990s arcade game

For Gallery1988's upcoming Crazy 4 Cult show in New York City, Aled Lewis has combined the classic Nineties beat-em-up game Streets of Rage with the mid-Aughts self-aware zombie flick Shaun of the Dead. 50 prints will be available at the show. Click on the lower-right to expand the entire image; note the weaponized… »8/06/12 2:15pm8/06/12 2:15pm