Who was the Skull Cowboy, the mysterious character cut from The Crow?

When you watch Alex Proyas' original movie of The Crow nowadays, it's an amazingly tight movie. The supernatural revenge plot is pretty straightforward, and the film skips most of the angst, to go straight to the campy fun. But originally, there was a forboding presence in the film: the Skull Cowboy. See for yourself. »9/20/13 4:00pm9/20/13 4:00pm

Who's Really The Greatest SF Director Working Today?

We caused some consternation last week when we said Danny Boyle »10/28/08 5:09pm10/28/08 5:09pm might be the most gifted director currently working in science fiction. So it's time to settle the issue. Who's really the greatest and most talented director creating science fiction movies today? Note: We didn't include any directors who haven't worked…