Why Does Alex Ross' New Princess Leia Cover Not Feature Leia At All?

Marvel have just revealed a new variant cover for the first issue of Princess Leia, the first standalone comic series for the kickass leader of the Rebel Alliance. Can you spot where Princess Leia is on the cover? Spoilers: You can't. She's not there. » 2/19/15 12:35pm 2/19/15 12:35pm

This Stunning Star Wars Art Is Coming To A Seattle Near You

Ltd. Art Gallery is back this month with their fourth annual art show dedicated to all things Star Wars - and some amazing artists are bringing a lot of lovely art from a Galaxy far, far away. » 12/06/14 5:53pm 12/06/14 5:53pm

Victor Von Doom goes toe-to-toe with Darth Vader in this amazing Art

The Dark Lord of the Sith might have gone up against Batman recently, and that's all well and good - but what would happen if he brawled with everyone's favourite All-Caps leader of Latveria? Comic artist icon Alex Ross imagined just that in this awesome piece of work. » 11/26/14 4:37pm 11/26/14 4:37pm

A First Look At The Brand New Comic Star Wars (With Darth Vader…

Scads of new comic books will be announced at the San Diego Comic-Con this week, but here's a doozy with a pedigree. In January, Dark Horse Comics will publish Star Wars (full stop), an ongoing comic set during the original Star Wars trilogy by prolific author Brian Wood (DMZ, Channel Zero, Northlanders, The Massive), » 7/10/12 7:25am 7/10/12 7:25am

League of Extraordinary Gentlemen + 30 Rock = the strangest painting…

We're used to seeing Alex Ross' hyper-realistic style being applied to such straight-faced comic projects as Kingdom Come and Marvels, so it's a bit of a mindblower seeing him mash up the cast of 30 Rock with The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. And given that this painting has Judah Friedlander as a Martian, this… » 7/21/11 6:45am 7/21/11 6:45am

Alex Ross' Green Lantern concept art shows how to make Hal Jordan look…

Prolific comic-book cover artist Alex Ross has revealed some early concept art that he did for the Green Lantern movie — which looks just like his other comic-book art. Which is to say, awesome and vivid. » 7/20/11 1:20pm 7/20/11 1:20pm

First look at Alex Ross' cover for the comic book of NBC's The Cape

io9 has the exclusive first look at the Alex Ross comic book cover for NBC's The Cape, created especially for tonight's red carpet premiere party in Los Angeles. » 1/04/11 3:00pm 1/04/11 3:00pm

The Avengers are waiting for you in San Diego

The longer you stare at this Alex Ross "Avengers Assemble" poster, the more Avengers goodness you'll notice, from the tiny Wasp to the massive Goliath. Signed copies will be available from Every Picture Tells A Story's Comic Con booth. [L.A.Times] » 7/05/10 6:20am 7/05/10 6:20am

The Future Of Superheroes Is Weird, Wonderful In Project Superpowers

Project Superpowers may be - in its own, quiet way - the oddest, most subversive superhero comic around... plus, thanks to co-creator Alex Ross' covers, one of the best looking. Here're some examples of Ross' covers to the new series. » 6/20/09 11:00am 6/20/09 11:00am

Buck Rogers' New Future Is Retro Beautiful

Dynamite Entertainment has released Alex Ross's painted cover for the first issue of its new Buck Rogers series, and it's the kind of old-school goodness we'd wanted all along. Click through for the whole thing. » 3/25/09 7:30am 3/25/09 7:30am

The Law Comes To America As Judge Dredd Returns

Ignore the Sylvester Stallone movie from the '90s - Starting next year, America is going to find out what it really means to know Dredd. Announced yesterday at the Wizard World Chicago convention, Dynamite Comics is going to bring the UK's futuristic lawman Judge Dredd back to American comics after more than a decade. » 6/29/08 7:00am 6/29/08 7:00am

Must Read: Marvels

Must-read graphic novels are futuristic classics that shouldn't be missed. Of course, not every must-see is perfect. That's why we've rated them 1-5 on the patented "crunchy goodness" scale.

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Must Read: Kingdom Come

Must-read graphic novels are futuristic classics that shouldn't be missed. Of course, not every must-see is perfect. That's why we've rated them 1-5 on the patented "crunchy goodness" scale.

Title: Kingdom Come
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Vitals: Yet another dysfunctional future of the DC Comics universe. In this one, Superman and… » 9/30/07 11:50pm 9/30/07 11:50pm