Why We're Quitting Alfonso Cuarón's Believe

When we first heard that director Alfonso Cuarón was working on a television series about a superpowered girl, we were excited, although that excitement faded with the rapid turnover of series showrunners and rumblings of major changes to the original concept. Now, six episodes into the show, we're ready to quit Believe » 4/14/14 4:40pm 4/14/14 4:40pm

Gorgeous Unused Gravity Posters Almost Represent The Movie TOO Well

Alfonso Cuaron's Gravity was an insane thrill ride that made us nearly hyperventilate. And these proposed poster designs, which ended up not being used, really convey the screaming terror that this film inflicted on us. Maybe too well. But they're also insanely gorgeous. » 3/20/14 2:17pm 3/20/14 2:17pm

All the Ways Hollywood Tried to Ruin Gravity

Gravity took nearly four (and a half) years to make. That means for four years, Alfonso Cuarón had to deflect a lot of not-so-great ideas from the studio that had invested millions into his risky endeavor. Thanks to our exclusive interview with the director, we now know what some of those crappy ideas were. » 10/07/13 1:30pm 10/07/13 1:30pm

Several Reasons Why Gravity is Amazing (That You Haven't Already Heard)

Gravity is the kind of movie that only comes along once in a blue moon: a heart-stopping work of art, that conveys the terror and beauty of space. You've already heard a lot about why this movie rules — but you still don't know all the reasons why Gravity is a must-see movie. Minor spoilers ahead... » 10/04/13 10:43am 10/04/13 10:43am

We've seen Gravity and it's even better than we'd hoped

We've seen Alfonso Cuarón's Gravity and it is one of the best space films we have seen in ages. One part giant showcase of the cosmos and one part a deeply harrowing action thriller, Gravity is about to show Hollywood what a real white-knuckled audience looks like. And here is our spoiler-free first impression of the… » 9/07/13 10:00am 9/07/13 10:00am

Sandra Bullock is lost in space in this amazing Gravity sequel trailer

WARNING: If you haven't seen the first completely amazing trailer for Alfonso Cuaron's Gravity, do so now. This new trailer, titled "Drifting," is clearly a sequel to the first trailer, and while it's pretty gripping, it's so much more effective if you watch the original trailer first. » 7/25/13 8:30am 7/25/13 8:30am