Weirdest and Most Memorable Roles the Game of Thrones Cast Played

Game of Thrones might have the most solid cast on television. From top to bottom, these people are some of the most fascinating actors on the small screen right now — and many of them have a pretty fascinating genre pedigree. Here are the most random or remarkable genre roles each of the stars had before Thrones. » 5/10/13 1:41pm 5/10/13 1:41pm

An awesome behind-the-scenes look at the baby alien from Alien 3

We live in an era in which spectacular movie monsters tend to live on hard drives, so it's always heartening to see footage of practical effect artists just building the damn creatures. This video comes to us from the production of Alien 3 twenty years ago — watch as the film's crew makes sculptor Steve Norrington's » 8/01/12 12:05pm 8/01/12 12:05pm

10 Most Undignified Deaths in Science Fiction and Fantasy

Death comes for everyone — but it doesn't always come in style. Sometimes instead of a heroic death or a cool death, a fictional character will get kind of a crappy death. (Often literally.) Sometimes a beloved character will die in a totally motifying fashion. » 1/24/12 10:26am 1/24/12 10:26am