All The Reasons To Get Excited About Horror Movies In 2014

So far, it's been an exciting year for horror. Afflicted is a "damn fine film," The Babadook is a must see, and Only Lovers Left Alive is one of the most gorgeous horror films ever. 2014 is really shaping out to be a great year for horror, and it's not over yet. Here are several reasons to be thrilled about the future… »4/09/14 12:48pm4/09/14 12:48pm


In the webcomic Trying Human a Grey falls in love with an alien abductee

Day in and day out, UFO technicians trot in sleepy, naked humans, subject them to all manner of probing, and then tuck them back into their beds. But what happens when one of those Grey aliens looks at a human with something more than cold, scientific interest? What happens when a Grey finds himself falling for one of… »2/25/12 11:30am2/25/12 11:30am

Make Your Own Thought-Screen Helmet and Prevent Alien Abduction

If you suffer from alien abductions and have a craftsy streak, we've got the perfect project for you this holiday season. The helpful folks over at have put together a simple how-to for crafting your own "thought screen helmet" (pictured) from just $30 worth of materials. No, we're not kidding - and… »11/24/08 6:00pm11/24/08 6:00pm