Creature Creator Dan Rebert Talks to io9 About Alien Influences and True Blood

We've made no secret of our admiration » 9/05/08 12:09pm 9/05/08 12:09pm for special effects artists. This week, we got to talk with Dan Rebert, the Effects Producer for MastersFX, the house that created the aliens of and . Rebert told us all about his cultural influences, talked Stargate, and gave us the inside scoop on the fang physiology behind…

6 Mask-Making Magicians Who Create Your Favorite Aliens

Creating cool alien creatures for TV and movies is no easy feat. It requires constant innovation, an ability to create characters who are at the same time surprising and believable, and the magic power to smother actors in pounds of makeup and foam without killing them. Here are galleries showing off the work of our… » 8/14/08 1:52pm 8/14/08 1:52pm