Falling Skies raises our hopes, and dashes them, again and again

Okay, seriously. This was a frustrating episode of Falling Skies. There were a few good moments — just like last week — but also, a lot of stuff that occasioned a serious amount of head-slapping. This show is going to give us a concussion from all the head-slapping. » 7/23/12 6:22pm 7/23/12 6:22pm

After you've defeated the alien invaders, the hard part begins

In "Sovereign," the final act of Mac Rogers' epic alien-bugs vs. humanity Honeycomb Trilogy of plays, we learn that rebuilding the world from the ashes is much harder than leading the resistance. What happens after you've won the battle for the post-apocalypse? » 6/29/12 2:53pm 6/29/12 2:53pm

Falling Skies Season 2: No More Magic Bullets

Falling Skies season one gave us a sometimes-intense look at the world after a devastating alien invasion. But in season two, the stakes get massively raised, and life gets a lot harder for the Second Mass, according to the show's stars and showrunner. » 6/13/12 4:30pm 6/13/12 4:30pm

Humanity's struggle for survival against insect aliens, live on stage!

At a space called The Secret Theatre in New York City, a nightly battle for our survival is playing out. Earth has been colonized by giant insectoid-like aliens with a psychic hivemind, a penchant for forced collective farming, and no love for the nuclear family. Everything that we hold familiar has gone to… » 4/10/12 2:20pm 4/10/12 2:20pm

Movie and TV Trends We Hope Are On Their Way Out

Hollywood sells us quick hits of entertainment, and counts on our attention-deficit disorder to keep us distractible. But Hollywood also has its own case of ADD, chasing fads and cool ideas, and then running them into the ground. That can be a very good thing, because some fads are so dumb you can't wait for Hollywood… » 8/30/11 2:09pm 8/30/11 2:09pm

Why the Haters are Wrong about Falling Skies

Falling Skies started out as an admittedly cheesy show about lovable people surviving the aftermath of an alien invasion. But it's grown into something a bit more interesting, and last night's episode showcased a lot of what's good about it. » 8/01/11 5:30pm 8/01/11 5:30pm

Bestselling YA author brings us the world after an alien invasion

With Falling Skies still doing well in the ratings, is a post-alien invasion world going to become our new favorite post-apocalyptic scenario? Let's hope so, since it's our best hope of getting a Tripods movie. » 6/28/11 11:53am 6/28/11 11:53am

The Coolest Scene of Alien-Fighting from Last Night's Falling Skies

Steven Spielberg's new show Falling Skies launched last night on TNT, and the good news is, it got gangbuster ratings for a basic cable show: 5.9 million viewers, more than The Walking Dead's first episode on AMC. » 6/20/11 5:35pm 6/20/11 5:35pm

Why are we so excited about alien invasions all of a sudden?

This is the year of alien invasion. After superheroes, alien invaders might be the most popular media trope of the year. They're dominating movies like Cowboys & Aliens and Battle: Los Angeles and TV shows like V and Falling Skies. » 6/01/11 11:23am 6/01/11 11:23am

Only a Mexican wrestler can save us from the army of alien babes in…

The great Mexican wrestler Alejandro Muñoz Moreno, aka Blue Demon, saved us from a variety of unthinkable menaces — but none so insidious as the aliens he vanquishes in the classic Blue Demon Y Las Invasoras. A crew of beautiful babes in gold baby-doll dresses and silver gloves lands at the bottom of a lake and… » 2/02/11 7:19pm 2/02/11 7:19pm

British Schoolchildren Traumatized by Fake Alien Invasion

Hoping to spark their students' imaginations, a junior school in England staged an alien invasion, complete with a crash landing and the "abduction" of one of their faculty members while the children watched. What could possibly go wrong? » 7/21/09 1:00pm 7/21/09 1:00pm

Is This The Year We Have To Kill Cute Aliens?

Two new trailers for the Ashley-Tisdale-vs-cute-aliens epic Aliens In The Attic have come out, and they're making me wonder: Is this the year of movies about humans fighting cute aliens with big eyes? The second trailer includes a rundown of the movie's cutesy alien invaders. At least there's mind control. » 5/21/09 2:00pm 5/21/09 2:00pm

What Would It Take To Bring Alien Invasions Back?

Remember alien invasions? Strange creatures from beyond the stars, showing up on Earth and attempting to subjugate the heck out of us? Wasn't that cool? What ever happened to those would-be dominators anyway? The only recent alien invasion movie I can think of was the Nicole Kidman Invasion... which is best forgotten… » 7/17/08 4:57pm 7/17/08 4:57pm