Dan Lauria: One Pissed-Off Cop In An Alien World

We've got an exclusive clip from Alien Trespass of Dan Lauria doing what he does best - being a salty old cop pissed off about an alien invasion. » 4/03/09 1:30pm 4/03/09 1:30pm

Alien Trespass: The Ultimate 1950s Nostalgia Trip

The X-Files helped revolutionize science fiction back in the 1990s. Now X-Files producer R.W. Goodwin is going back to the original source material - 1950s flying-saucer flicks - for his new movie Alien Trespass. » 3/03/09 11:12am 3/03/09 11:12am

Stealing From John Connor And Learning More From Giant Rats

It's spoof-a-Hollywood-blockbuster time over at Cult Movie Worship... plus we've got in-depth character interviews from Alien Trespass and a movie about giant man-eating rats. » 2/15/09 5:00pm 2/15/09 5:00pm

X-Files Director Promises 7-Foot-Tall Penis in New Film

There was plenty of excitement to go around at the Alien Trespass panel, as producers talked tentacles, defended goo, and even got Robert Patrick and Eric McCormack to access their silly sides. » 2/07/09 1:00pm 2/07/09 1:00pm

A One-Eyed Monster Fights The T-1000 In Alien Trespass Trailer

We've been excited for the campy Alien Trespass ever since we found out Dan Lauria, R.W. Goodwin (from X-Files) and Terminator's T-1000 were all working on this alien adventure. Check out the trailer. » 1/14/09 2:00pm 1/14/09 2:00pm

French Mutants Will Attack Your Space Kitties

What better way to cap off this year than with a new look at campy aliens, French mutants and a kitty space explorer? This can only be Cult Movie Worship.
» 12/28/08 4:30pm 12/28/08 4:30pm