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Electric Velocipede, the Hugo Award-winning science fiction magazine, has gone online, so you can read all of its amazing stories for free. And now, editor/publisher John Klima is asking for some support, so the magazine can keep publishing for one more year and bringing you stories by such authors as Ken Liu and… »8/30/12 10:20am8/30/12 10:20am

One of the Coolest Pieces of Short Fiction We've Read in the Past Year

Aliette de Bodard's story "Immersion" is so clever and multi-layered, it feels like it belongs in Dangerous Visions. The use of language is pretty amazing, too. I don't want to sumamrize it too much, but it takes place in the future, on a planet where people use a gadget called the Immerser to create "avatars" for… »6/27/12 5:20pm6/27/12 5:20pm