15 Scifi Mockumentaries That Will Leave You Questioning Reality

Yes, we're still disappointed that we didn't get a World War Z mockumentary. After all, science fiction and horror lend themselves quite well to the faux-documentary format. So we're kicking back with 15 speculative mockumentaries, from a silly Star Wars lark to an earnest look at Britain on the eve of nuclear war. »6/30/13 7:00am6/30/13 7:00am

See The Face-Tentacled Beast Behind District 9's ARGs

Before there was the major motion picture District 9 »7/31/08 10:31am7/31/08 10:31am (with its many ARGs and guerrilla advertisements) there was , 's heartbreaking short film about injustice towards aliens. You can watch the whole film here, and it proves that Blomkamp is a genius. I'm pumped to see the full-length movie about the slums that alien…