All-Star Superman: You will believe a man can make you cry

Zack Snyder only dreams he could make a Superman movie as stunning, as fun and as moving as All-Star Superman, the direct-to-DVD movie that hit stores yesterday. This is how you make Superman relevant again: with great storytelling. Spoilers ahead... » 2/23/11 6:24pm 2/23/11 6:24pm

This Week's Comics: Babes, Zombies And The Love Of Fat Cobra

If there was one word to describe this week's (one day late, due to the holiday) haul of new comics, that word may be "brutal". Brutal on your wallet, that is; it's a week of big name books from both Marvel and DC, plus some indies that are worth your time and attention. No matter whether you're looking for the end of… » 5/28/08 9:00am 5/28/08 9:00am