A sneak peek at Jonah Hex's next adventure in All-Star Western

Here's an exclusive first look at the next week's issue of All-Star Western, which stars DC Comics' surly and scarred cowboy Jonah Hex. This issue hits stores next Wednesday, August 22, and here's the synopsis: » 8/17/12 11:55am 8/17/12 11:55am

Jonah Hex, Crab Women, And Kickstarter: A Conversation With Comic…

At the New York Comic-Con, io9 caught up with prolific comic book writer Jimmy Palmiotti, who told us all about his new projects — such as DC Comics' new weird cowpoke series All-Star Western — and what it's like to self-fund graphic novels using Kickstarter. » 10/25/11 3:20pm 10/25/11 3:20pm