Coyote Frontier's Allen Steele: "We're approaching a true Space Age…

There's a must-read interview with Coyote Frontier author Allen Steele over at The Space Review, where he talks a lot about the future of space exploration. (And makes a strong statement in favor of "boots on the ground" space travel, as opposed to just sending out probes.) One of the interesting bits comes when… » 6/19/12 4:20pm 6/19/12 4:20pm

SF Books: Now With Less Reading

Want to get into some SF literature but need to use your eyes for driving instead of reading? Then there are two new audible SF delights awaiting you: Amazon subsidiary gives you Audible Frontiers, a new imprint for audio versions of SF and fantasy books by authors like Allen Steele, Neal Stephenson and… » 5/01/08 10:17am 5/01/08 10:17am