On Almost Human, Smart House control is the gun control of the future

People who live in well armed smart homes are more likely to be murdered by their houses. On Almost Human, though, the law fails to address killer smart houses, someone takes justice—and the houses—into their own hands. » 2/18/14 3:20pm 2/18/14 3:20pm

Almost Human finally zooms in on one of its female characters

Detective Valerie Stahl has been hanging around in the background of Almost Human, offering support and a flirty smile to John Kennex. In this episode, we finally get some hints of Stahl's background—although the episode is still all about Kennex. » 2/11/14 3:20pm 2/11/14 3:20pm

Almost Human is at its best when it focuses on its robots

For a show about law enforcement being unable to keep up with criminal technology, Almost Human can be a bit weak when it comes to its technology-aided crimes. Fortunately, the series is much better when it turns back to its real heart: robots and how they interact with human beings. » 2/04/14 3:20pm 2/04/14 3:20pm

On Almost Human, what Facebook knows about you can kill you

Last night's Almost Human was light on the android-cyborg banter, but heavy on the evils of consumer identity tracking software. When a technologically enhanced bullet can find and kill any specific individual, that application that matches you with the right designer optical implants seems a little less friendly. » 1/14/14 11:20am 1/14/14 11:20am

Last night's Almost Human felt like SVU with android mood swings

With a plot about a bomb maker who gets off on tormenting and broadcasting his victims, this week's episode of Almost Human felt a bit more like an episode of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit than a futuristic cop drama. Of course, Benson and Stabler don't usually have to deal with a partner whose personality is on… » 1/07/14 3:43pm 1/07/14 3:43pm

Almost Human proves two Michael Ealys are better than one

So in the future, health care is even shittier and people destroy perfectly reusable organs? THANKS, OBAMACARE. » 12/17/13 8:25am 12/17/13 8:25am

This has my vote for the best episode so far, although admittedly there have only been six, and I loathed two of them, so this isn't probably the greatest of honors. And since this was supposed to be episode…

​Almost Human is barely tolerable

Our two favorite murder-cops are back the beat, this time dealing with The Wacky Witness They Must Protect and The Evil Genius Manipulating Things from a Cell. And somehow, the show is getting stupider. » 12/10/13 8:40am 12/10/13 8:40am

​In the future of Almost Human, cops are allowed to murder everybody

Watch "The Bends" and tell me I'm wrong. None of the cops tell any criminal to stand down, lower their weapons, put their hands over their heads, or even bother to identify themselves as police officers. What they do is shoot everyone until they are fucking dead. » 12/03/13 8:51am 12/03/13 8:51am

​Almost Human goes straight for the Die Hard homage

The third episode of Almost Human proves that the show knows what it wants to tell — tell the most basic of cop show stories while added wild new technology into the mix. It's not a bad combination, but unless Almost Human eventually adds more to it, it's going to stay a diversion, albeit a pleasant one. » 11/26/13 8:40am 11/26/13 8:40am

Almost Human gets better, and it's not even because of the sexbots

After a pilot that showed more potential than promise, Almost Human returned for the second part of it's two-night premiere with a much stronger episode. It was hardly perfect, but it was a definite improvement over the premiere. Also: Sexbots! » 11/19/13 7:20am 11/19/13 7:20am

​Almost Human goes back to the 1980s future

Do you like Robocop? Blade Runner? Demolition Man? Alien Nation? Total Recall? And countless other police drama-esque science fiction movies from the '80s? Then you'll love Almost Human, which is an unapologetic pastiche of the genre, updated to reflect 21st century post-human politics and fears of pharmaceutical… » 11/18/13 11:00am 11/18/13 11:00am