A map of San Francisco's subway system that almost was

The original 1956 plan for the Bay Area Rapid Transit system was way more complex on paper than it is in reality. Designer Jake Coolidge has imagined a universe in which this full plan was implemented. And even though it doesn't involve filling in the Bay or underground rocket trains or pyramids, it does complement… » 12/10/11 1:15pm 12/10/11 1:15pm

With season 3, Fringe becomes the most daring show on television

Fringe has already proven that it's willing to take its alternate-universe concept in shocking directions. But the first two episodes of season three have so many mind-blowing, thought-provoking, can't-believe-they-went-there moments, you'll have to watch them twice. Here's our spoiler-free preview. » 9/16/10 3:56pm 9/16/10 3:56pm

Transdimensional Murder Mystery, Coming Soon

A gritty detective show that spans three different alternate universes is finally coming to the Sci Fi Channel in the U.S. Charlie Jade starts with a murder whose victim has no identity whatsoever, which is unthinkable in the dystopian, corporate-dominated world where Charlie Jade lives. And then in the course of the… » 3/27/08 4:30pm 3/27/08 4:30pm

The Multiverse Is Strictly Business, Says DC Comics Czar

If you've found DC Comics hard to understand over the past year, chances are it's because of the multiverse. DC used to have tons of alternate universes, but they collapsed into one nice, tidy universe in 1985. Until last year, when suddenly DC had 52 different realities to play with again. I decided to hound DC… » 2/25/08 4:00pm 2/25/08 4:00pm