Seth Rogen's Congressional Alzheimer's Testimony Is Goddamn Delightful

Yesterday, Seth Rogen testified before a Senate subcommittee, pleading for more awareness of and support for Alzheimer's research. It was — like most things Rogen does — endearing as hell. But unlike the characters Rogen typically plays, it was also brave, altruistic, and kind of badass. » 2/27/14 8:30am 2/27/14 8:30am

Could this discovery be the key to treating Alzheimers?

The brain, as any neuroscientist will tell you, is still in many ways an undiscovered country. But now our maps of that country just got a lot better. Researchers at University of Rochester Medical Center have just published a paper detailing what they call the brain's built-in drainage system. It turns out that… » 8/16/12 1:59pm 8/16/12 1:59pm

Cancer drug shown to reduce Alzheimer's symptoms in mice by seventy-five percent

It's rare to get any good news associated with reports of Alzheimer's disease, but neuroscientists have just released word that one drug is dramatically reducing symptoms. It seems to do this by dissolving a protein that builds up in the brain — and it manages to create major improvements within days. » 2/10/12 3:43pm 2/10/12 3:43pm

Nicotine patches won't help you quit, but they might save your brains

People attempting the arduous task of quitting smoking often turn to "nicotine replacement therapies" like patches and gum. These help with the physical aspect of withdrawal and the whole "quitting the actual smoking" part. Well, that's the theory anyway. According to a new study published in the journal Tobacco… » 1/13/12 8:45am 1/13/12 8:45am

Working out during pregnancy could boost your baby's brain defenses

Buff moms make for healthy babies. Exercise during pregnancy has been shown to have numerous benefits for mother and child alike, and now new research suggests that exercising during pregnancy could even protect your child from developing neurodegenerative disorders like Alzheimer's disease, later in life. » 9/27/11 12:18pm 9/27/11 12:18pm

What happens when you're wrongly diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease

Psychologists in the Netherlands have documented the case of a 58-year-old woman who was misdiagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease. Her condition deteriorated to the point where she became permanently confused, and at one point suicidal — before another doctor realized the diagnosis was incorrect. » 8/23/11 2:07pm 8/23/11 2:07pm