Sanctuary Triumphs By Reinventing Itself As Geek Noir

Sanctuary »10/18/08 12:00pm10/18/08 12:00pm totally redeemed itself last night with the best episode of its short run on the SciFi Channel. Dispensing with character development and CGI overload for the time being, the show focused on plot, spinning a noir-ish tale of men who can make themselves small enough to fit through any opening. You can fill in…

io9 Talks To Ben Browder And Amanda Tapping About Stargate's Legacy

We caught up with Stargate stars Ben Browder and Amanda Tapping at the Sci Fi/EW party at Comic-Con, and got a chance to ask them some fun questions. We talked to Browder about what it's like to embody the heroic archetype, and whether he'd ever want to play a supervillain. And Tapping told us the difference between… »8/01/08 5:00pm8/01/08 5:00pm

First Clip Of Firefly-Influenced Space Drama Venus Rises

The Sci Fi Channel chose the wrong online TV show when it bought Amanda Tapping's Sanctuary, judging from this exclusive new clip from the much grittier Venus Rises. Venus Rises is about the struggle between the working-class Venus and the wealthy Mars in a post-Earth future. In this clip, Sam and Kylara are exploring… »2/20/08 5:40pm2/20/08 5:40pm