SFWA moving its links from Amazon.com to other booksellers

Amazon.com once again flexed its muscles in the e-book realm, removing 4,000 books distributed by the Independent Publishing Group (IPG) from its site, after a dispute with IPG over pricing. And this time, the Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America has responded by changing Amazon.com links on its website to… » 2/29/12 6:30am 2/29/12 6:30am

Amazon's science fiction imprint launches — with Neal Stephenson, Greg…

We mentioned back in May that Amazon.com was going to be going into the science fiction publishing business, and now the mega-retailer's plans are finally taking shape. The imprint will be called 47North, and it'll start publishing new and out-of-print science fiction titles (in print as well as Kindle) in October. » 10/12/11 9:40am 10/12/11 9:40am

Would you buy a science fiction novel published by Amazon.com?

Amazon.com has been redefining the way you buy books for ages now — and next up, they may be publishing the books you read, as well. Amazon Publishing just launched its fourth and biggest imprint, Montlake Romance. And the company has already said it plans to move beyond romance into other genres, including science… » 5/06/11 6:30am 5/06/11 6:30am

How Much Damage Can A Maniac And His Army Of Sock Puppets Do On…

Science fiction and fantasy authors, including Pat Rothfuss and David Louis Edelman, have started noticing a rash of one-star reviews of their books on Amazon.com, all at once, The reviews seem to come from newly created profiles, and often say the same thing in slightly different words over and over. And now,… » 6/23/09 8:30am 6/23/09 8:30am