The Biggest WTF Moments from Three Years of American Horror Story

This week, the third season of the most fucked up show on cable TV ended. And while there's still plenty more American Horror Story to come, we couldn't help but take stock of all the horrors this series has wrought. And then rank them. Here is our collection of the most WTF moments from three seasons of American… »1/31/14 7:00pm1/31/14 7:00pm


Every wacky American Horror Story: Asylum plot in 60 seconds

Violent masturbation,
sad masturbation, priest rape, surprise limb removal — American Horror Story: Asylum was stuffed to its bleeding black nun eyes with all this crazy. Slashfilm's Antisocial Commentary, has compiled all the crazy from season 2 of AHS into one hyper cut video. We kind of want someone to set it to … »2/04/13 4:22pm2/04/13 4:22pm

An even more revolting vision of American Horror Story Asylum's aliens

Still wondering what those weird alien character in American Horror Story Asylum were supposed to be like? Well, wait no more. A crop of concept art from the TV series has been released, thanks to artist Jerad S. Marantz, revealing the true Ass Cat face of these grey aliens. Get full body shots plus a collection of… »1/28/13 5:45pm1/28/13 5:45pm

American Horror Story's season finale: a bloody brilliant hour of television

American Horror Story had its ups and downs this season — but at least the show ended its second season with style and grace. On Wednesday night, Briarcliff went out with a bang. And for the first time in a long while, it felt like the show's script was getting the same attention as the cast's wardrobe. »1/25/13 9:53am1/25/13 9:53am

This Week's TV: Felicia Day is Queen of the LARPers! Plus The First Real Footage of a Giant Squid!

This week's TV is full of insane treats. Including geek icon Felicia Day playing a geek icon. And possibly the weirdest Adventure Time team-up yet. There's the "holy grail" of real-life giant squid footage. And probably the most important episode of Nova in quite some time. American Horror Story and Last Resort are… »1/21/13 12:00pm1/21/13 12:00pm

This Week's TV: The Most Intriguing New Time Travel Show In Years

This week on television, there are eight new and returning TV shows — including the Canadian time travel show we've been talking about for months, Continuum, which is finally coming to American TV. There's also the return of Syfy's Being Human, and Archer! Katee Sackhoff is back on Star Wars: The Clone Wars! Plus… »1/14/13 12:00pm1/14/13 12:00pm

Actual Plot in American Horror Story: Grown Man Drinks Sex Worker's Breast Milk

And to think the plot line that involved a grown man sucking a woman's breast DRY (an actual thing someone says on the show last night) is only the second most revolting thing to happen on last night's American Horror Story (the first was a character violating a dead body) Sometimes I feel like this isn't really a… »1/11/13 1:02am1/11/13 1:02am

This Week's TV: Fringe will answer all your questions... but will you be satisfied?

We've seen this week's game-changing episode of Fringe, and we've got a spoiler-free assessment below (apart from some vague phrases like "game-changing.") But that's not the only major event on television this week. There's also Jake taking on a major new responsibility on Adventure Time. And you'll never guess which… »1/07/13 12:00pm1/07/13 12:00pm

This Week's TV: 10 of Your (Possibly) Favorite Shows Are Back!

Welcome back, television! In this week's returning shows, we get the strangest clone of them all in Star Wars: The Clone Wars. There's also a confrontation with the Devil, the deadliness of "doomsday volcanoes," and a fairytale murder mystery. Plus the steampunk superhero story you've been waiting months for. »12/31/12 12:00pm12/31/12 12:00pm

This Week's TV: How do you feel about 20 years of Syfy?

Science fiction fans love to complain about Syfy's mix of wrestling and paranormal reality TV — while obsessively watching shows like Warehouse 13 and Haven. But now at last, there's a chance to get some perspective, by watching a two-hour celebration of Syfy's 20th anniversary. But that's not all this week's TV… »12/10/12 12:00pm12/10/12 12:00pm

Every Single Mental Thing Ian McShane Screams as American Horror Story's Santa, in One Video

I thought I had seen an unhinged Ian McShane — I mean, I've seen Deadwood. But I had no idea what would happen when McShane stepped onto a truly crazy show: basically, no rules. American Horror Story gave McShane a Santa suit and let him off the leash. We've rounded up some of the best bits up into one compact… »12/06/12 11:31pm12/06/12 11:31pm

This Week's TV: It had to happen. Summer Glau is playing an elf!

She's played a killer robot, a super-soldier and a couple of types of mutants... but how did it take this long for Summer Glau to play an elf? At last, the wait is over! Also, Victoria's Secret is done with superhero costumes and they're doing some kind of "nightmare circus" look. Neil Patrick Harris helps to judge… »12/03/12 12:00pm12/03/12 12:00pm

We might actually, honestly know the three finalists for the new Star Wars directing gig!

J.H. Wyman reveals the title of Fringe's final episode. Peter Jackson discusses Gollum's technological evolution. Get your first look at John Malkovich as a zombie-hunter, in a new Warm Bodies trailer. There are two brand new Monsters University posters. New companion Jenna-Louise Coleman talks Doctor Who. Michael… »12/03/12 9:00am12/03/12 9:00am

The Angel of Death came to American Horror Story, and refused to kill off any plot lines

Possessed nuns, crazy people, serial killers, Nazis, zombie monsters, aliens and now THE ANGEL OF DEATH. That is a list of the all the monsters crammed into the second season of American Horror Story: Asylum. And now there is an Angel of Death. I'm so full of monsters, I fear if they add one more my stomach will… »11/29/12 6:06pm11/29/12 6:06pm

This Week's TV: Two of your favorite comic book characters are coming to television!

This week's television includes the debuts of two of your favorite characters from the world of comics: The Walking Dead reveals a "fan favorite character," and Arrow introduces the Huntress. Plus someone is taking huge, possibly unforgiveable liberties with Pinky and the Brain! Mira Sorvino shows us what happens when… »11/26/12 12:00pm11/26/12 12:00pm

This Week's TV: An Hour of Television That Might Just Ruin Superheroes Forever

This week on television, Syfy brings you an unprecedented second sequel to Dungeons & Dragons, and you'll be quoting this dialogue for months. Revolution gets to the point, with a Led Zeppelin soundtrack. Check out a Fringe marathon, featuring brand new science knowledge. There's a camptastic superhero tribute that… »11/19/12 12:00pm11/19/12 12:00pm

Someone actually sounds like they have a legitimate shot at directing Star Wars: Episode VII!

Check out the first teaser trailer for Game of Thrones season three! Also, there are tons of new images and videos from the set of Thor: The Dark World. Transformers 4 might head to China. Chris Pine talks Kirk's journey in Star Trek Into Darkness. Plus Doctor Who, Fringe, and more! »11/19/12 9:00am11/19/12 9:00am