Watch the best singing nun scene in American Horror Story history

I've never adored and simultaneously abhorred something as much as this week's American Horror Story: Asylum. After a long vacation from watching Santa screaming about bringing rape down the chimney, the drama has returned with... well, more rape and a fun little song. So let's watch what happens when American… »1/03/13 3:11pm1/03/13 3:11pm


American Horror Story shows us what a "mossy bank" is. Unfortunately.

American Horror Story is back and doing what it does the best, juggling 18 different plots whilst balancing atop the breast of a naked nun. The show went full-tilt bananas last night, and we welcome the return to crazytown. In just one episode, we saw Sister Jude's backstory, a demon, a whole lotta bare ass... and… »10/25/12 9:53pm10/25/12 9:53pm

You won't believe who the new American Horror Story monsters are!

It's back! The so-pretty-but-so-stupid-doesn't-make-a-lick-of-sense-unless-you're-licking-your-hand-to-do-some-sort-of-sex-act show American Horror Story, is back. Whahoo! So how does this entirely new series stack up to last year's entirely insane series? Well, it's totally different and yet completely the same. Let… »10/18/12 6:23pm10/18/12 6:23pm