The Biggest WTF Moments from Three Years of American Horror Story

This week, the third season of the most fucked up show on cable TV ended. And while there's still plenty more American Horror Story to come, we couldn't help but take stock of all the horrors this series has wrought. And then rank them. Here is our collection of the most WTF moments from three seasons of American… » 1/31/14 4:00pm 1/31/14 4:00pm

American Horror Story had NO CLUE how to end this season

American Horror Story: Coven — as beautiful and big and loud and completely bat shit insane as it was — had no fucking clue how to end. And that's a damn shame. Spoilers ahead... » 1/30/14 11:06am 1/30/14 11:06am

TV This Week: Can Nathan Fillion rescue a Troy-less Community?

This week, we bid farewell to American Horror Story: Coven; will this tale of New Orleans witches end on a high note, or will the magic fizzle out? Community goes on without Donald Glover, but Nathan Fillion is here to fill the hole in our hearts. Plus, catch clips and details from this week's episodes of Helix, … » 1/27/14 9:30am 1/27/14 9:30am

Finally! The ladies from American Horror Story say, "WE DON'T NEED A…

OK, that's not entirely fair. American Horror Story: Coven has been a pretty female dominated season. But for the first time this in a long time, it finally felt like the witches of this Coven realized, "who run the world? GIRLS." And it was AWESOME. » 1/24/14 5:06pm 1/24/14 5:06pm

TV This Week: Can the CG Powerpuff Girls and Ringo Starr save the day?

The Powerpuff Girls returns tonight for a single episode, but will you still love the ladies when they're 3D? Also, we bid a sad (but temporary) farewell to Sleepy Hollow—and you can catch a few peeks at tonight's season finale. See what else ahead this week for Being Human, Supernatural, Arrow, Helix, the Dracula » 1/20/14 9:00am 1/20/14 9:00am

American Horror Story Season Four Will Take Place in...

The fourth season of American Horror Story is moving forward, while the third season comes to a close. And details for the next rebooted year of crazy have been revealed...get excited. » 1/15/14 3:29pm 1/15/14 3:29pm

TV This Week: A major death at ISIS will change Archer forever

Big changes are afoot for the ISIS crew when Archer returns tonight for its fifth season. Steamy werewolf soap Bitten premieres as lycanthropes threaten to overrun our television sets. Plus, Sleepy Hollow, Supernatural, and Arrow are all back from their winter vacations. Get the details below! » 1/13/14 9:00am 1/13/14 9:00am

Stevie Nicks' cameo wasn't the most insane moment on last night's AHS

American Horror Story Coven is back and starting the new year off with a huge bang, thanks to two character deaths, a demon who loves cocaine, and Stevie Nicks! The White Witch made her Coven debut last night, only to be completely drowned out out by a wave of WTFery. There were a whole lotta witches losing their… » 1/09/14 2:25pm 1/09/14 2:25pm

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After a few quieter weeks in TV land, we have two scifi premieres airing this week. Check out the goods on Helix, the Arctic outbreak thriller that promises to be one of this year's most exciting shows. And take a peek at Josh Holloway's return to television as a government agent who can communicate with computers in … » 1/06/14 9:00am 1/06/14 9:00am

And now Kathy Bates' severed head will watch Roots and sing

Hang on to your witch tits, the midseason finale (which is totally a thing now) of American Horror Story was insane. So insane. Really really insane. Coven could be the campiest/bloodiest AHS series yet, and it's so good. Spoilers ahead. » 12/13/13 8:30am 12/13/13 8:30am

American Horror Story has a Dead Person Threesome!

Everybody is having sex with dead things on American Horror Story. Because that is what this show does, and it is very good at it. (Making characters have sex with dead things, that is.) Spoilers ahead. » 11/21/13 3:25pm 11/21/13 3:25pm

Another major Doctor Who star says he'll be in "Day of the Doctor"!

And a Doctor Who icon could be in Star Wars. Amazing Spider-Man 2 may have a new name, and Geoff Johns says we should be excited for the Jim Gordon TV show. Plus the first looks at Stevie Nicks in American Horror Story and Oliver's brand new look in Arrow. Spoilers ahead! » 11/21/13 6:00am 11/21/13 6:00am

Which Guardian of the Galaxy might be heading to Jurassic World?

Almost Human is thinking about robo-rights. There are new pictures of the Governor from Sunday's Walking Dead. Monroe's parents have been cast in Grimm. And we finally know who Stevie Nicks will be playing on American Horror Story. Spoilers ahead! » 11/15/13 6:00am 11/15/13 6:00am

American Horror Story resurrects a bitchy witch

Last night's American Horror Story had all sorts of bitchy witching. So "Witch Up," ladies, and bust out the "We don't have the rights to Quija" board, because it's time to fuck with some ghosts. Probably literally, knowing this show. » 11/14/13 3:40pm 11/14/13 3:40pm

When will The Walking Dead show us what the Governor's been up to?

Elizabeth Olson comments on her role in Avengers: Age of Ultron, and Jennifer Lawrence explains why Katniss is a frustrating character to play. Check out new footage from The Hobbit and Doctor Who's 50th anniversary. The Walking Dead's Robert Kirkman has a brand new apocalyptic TV show. Spoilers now! » 11/12/13 6:00am 11/12/13 6:00am

First Looks at Captain America's Agent 13 and SHIELD's Victoria Hand!

Plus check out some rumored Batman Vs. Superman art and find out who might be playing a major hero in that film. Bong Joon-ho's talking about every cast member of Snowpiercer, Scott Gimple explains how Camus influenced this season of The Walking Dead and Cobie Smulders confirms that Maria Hill will be in Age of Ultron » 11/11/13 6:00am 11/11/13 6:00am

American Horror Story Burns A Witch Down

Witch burnings, or just another excuse to trot out a new collection of fabulous, black headwear? Seriously can we talk about American Horror Story's collection of hats already? » 11/08/13 1:09pm 11/08/13 1:09pm

Just how many superheroes are going to be in Batman vs. Superman?

Today, find out which scenes in Thor: The Dark World were added later, and what exactly Joss Whedon did to the script. And Joanna Page explains the romance between the Tenth Doctor and Queen Elizabeth Plus, all the Saoirse Ronan casting news you could ever want. Spoilers now! » 11/08/13 6:00am 11/08/13 6:00am