Stevie Nicks' cameo wasn't the most insane moment on last night's AHS

American Horror Story Coven is back and starting the new year off with a huge bang, thanks to two character deaths, a demon who loves cocaine, and Stevie Nicks! The White Witch made her Coven debut last night, only to be completely drowned out out by a wave of WTFery. There were a whole lotta witches losing their… »1/09/14 5:25pm1/09/14 5:25pm

American Horror Story's season finale: a bloody brilliant hour of television

American Horror Story had its ups and downs this season — but at least the show ended its second season with style and grace. On Wednesday night, Briarcliff went out with a bang. And for the first time in a long while, it felt like the show's script was getting the same attention as the cast's wardrobe. »1/25/13 9:53am1/25/13 9:53am

Actual Plot in American Horror Story: Grown Man Drinks Sex Worker's Breast Milk

And to think the plot line that involved a grown man sucking a woman's breast DRY (an actual thing someone says on the show last night) is only the second most revolting thing to happen on last night's American Horror Story (the first was a character violating a dead body) Sometimes I feel like this isn't really a… »1/11/13 1:02am1/11/13 1:02am

Let's count all the oversexed ghosts crammed into American Horror Story

Last night, yet ANOTHER ghost was introduced into the mix on American Horror Story — this house is getting so filled up with horny ghosts and creepy rubber sex machines, I think it's time we sat down and sorted out all this madness. Oh, and Moira bit some Armenian's penis off. »11/17/11 5:43pm11/17/11 5:43pm

- Dr. Charles and his wife Nora's…

American Horror Story teaches us teenage mass murderers deserve sympathy too

After the insanely paced two-part "Halloween" episode, American Horror Story slowed things down by trudging its characters through a slough of despond. Pretty much everyone was tapped by the shit stick this week — ruining young love, work reputations and pregnancies along the way. We also got to meet the Pig Man,… »11/10/11 6:54pm11/10/11 6:54pm