How To Make Hydrochloric Acid Erupt In Smoke Without Ever Touching It

Here's a demonstration common in chemistry classes. Two chemicals, hydrochloric acid and ammonia, are placed next to each other. They don't touch. But one suddenly starts smoking. What happened? » 3/05/15 4:40pm 3/05/15 4:40pm

Some People Use Urine (And Chemistry) to Whiten Their Teeth

There are people out there who use urine to whiten their teeth. I can tell you how it works. Only you can decide whether you think it's worth it. » 11/23/14 9:00am 11/23/14 9:00am

Watch copper sulfate and ammonia react in slow motion

It's one of the most well-known reactions in all of chemistry, but have you ever seen it filmed at high speed? Not surprisingly, the effect is quite gorgeous — and reminiscent of the Earth's churning deep blue atmosphere as seen from space. » 7/09/13 6:20am 7/09/13 6:20am

Watch NASA's Emergency ISS Spacewalk Live Right Now (Updating)

Two days ago, astronauts on the ISS discovered some little white flakes suspiciously floating away from the station. And now, they're already floating outside in zero gravity to fix it. From planning to go-time, this has been the most impromptu spacewalk in NASA history, and you can tune in below. » 5/11/13 11:46am 5/11/13 11:46am

How do smelling salts work?

There was a time when police officers were issued special "lady revivers," or vials of smelling salts for fainting women. Faintings aren't so common these days, but anyone who has read a good (or bad) Victorian novel has seen these salts make an appearance. But how do they work? By annoying someone awake, of course. » 11/06/11 10:45am 11/06/11 10:45am