The Woman Who Shot Elephants for America's Natural History Museums

Delia Akeley is probably best remembered as a "wife-of," having spent two decades married to famed taxidermist and conservationist Carl Akeley. But Delia was a fascinating adventurer in her own right, an early primatologist, anthropologist studying the pygmy peoples of Belgian Congo, and skilled museum-backed… »11/17/13 1:00pm11/17/13 1:00pm

Check out Neil deGrasse Tyson's hand-drawn map of Manhattan(henge)

Over at Brain Pickings, Maria Popova has assembled a great little preview of Mapping Manhattan, a newly published collection of 75 hand-drawn maps, submitted by strangers and famous New Yorkers alike to cartographic curator Becky Cooper. One of our favorites of the bunch is this sketch from astrophysicist Neil… »4/03/13 12:20pm4/03/13 12:20pm

Everything you always wanted to know about the social behavior of wasps

Wasps are among the most fascinating creatures in the insect world. Their nests are incredible architectural achievements, which they often make by manufacturing their own paper out of leaves. Many of them live in vast hives, sometimes with multiple queens, while others are loner parasites who implant their eggs… »1/04/12 5:58pm1/04/12 5:58pm

How the American Museum of Natural History will train the next generation of science teachers

It's no secret that the U.S. education system is hurting, especially when it comes to science teachers. Public schools are chronically underfunded, and the most talented college graduates shy away from entering the teaching profession when its future seems so grim. But hope isn't lost. A pioneering program at New… »1/04/12 5:41pm1/04/12 5:41pm