Breaking: 12 riders stuck at the top of Six Flags' Superman roller coster [Updated]

The Bay Area's ABC 7 just reported that several riders are stuck at the top of the new Superman ride at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom in Vallejo, California. The riders are suspended 150-ft in the air, but thankfully, California Beat is tweeting that fire fighters are currently rescuing the riders one by one. We're… »7/29/12 7:05pm7/29/12 7:05pm

Tour the graffiti-covered ruins of Belgium's dangerous amusement park

In the 1950s, Gaston Deweer, a priest in Dadizele, Belgium, helped open up Dadipark, an amusement park meant to serve children of pilgrims to the Basilica of Our Lady of Dadizele. After complaints about the park's safety and a tragic accident, the park closed down for good in 2002. Now it's a graveyard for discarded… »4/21/12 6:00pm4/21/12 6:00pm

Jim Bakker's Christian amusement park is now a post-apocalyptic ghost town

In 1986, Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker's Heritage USA was the third most-visited amusement park in the US, behind only Disney World and Disneyland. Now the park that once entertained millions of guests is falling to pieces, and looks more like the scene from a post-apocalyptic movie than a place for family fun. »2/05/12 10:00am2/05/12 10:00am