Why The Discovery Channel's "Eaten Alive" Stunt Could Kill An Ananconda

We don't know if the Discovery Channel's upcoming Eaten Alive special will truly show an adult man being swallowed by an anaconda. But regardless of whether it's real or fake, you should steer clear of this special, because if an anaconda did try to swallow a human, it would injure—and could even kill—the snake. »11/14/14 3:19pm11/14/14 3:19pm

This video of an anaconda regurgitating a cow is the most repulsively satisfying thing you'll see today

Watching this video is a little like peeling off a blackhead-laden nose strip, picking away at sloughs of sunburnt skin, or popping a particularly tumid zit. It's unequivocally disgusting, but also gratifying in the sort of way that makes you wonder if there might be something wrong with you. (I spent this entire… »11/26/12 12:40pm11/26/12 12:40pm