Neal Stephenson Gets Half A Million Dollars, But Did He Have To Switch…

Neal Stephenson confirmed his status as one of science fiction's leading authors, in the wake of the acclaimed Anathem, by selling his next book in what Publisher's Marketplace calls a "major deal." (In other words, it was worth at least $500,000.) But the book, called REAMDE, is classified as "thriller" rather than… » 7/14/09 2:45pm 7/14/09 2:45pm

Neal Stephenson Talks to io9 About Religion, Aliens, and Spoilers

Today Neal Stephenson's long-awaited new novel Anathem hits the bookstores. We've already told you that this tale of science monks on another planet is cool, action-packed, and thought-provoking — probably one of the best novels of Stephenson's career, which already includes lauded titles like Snow Crash, The Diamond… » 9/09/08 2:53pm 9/09/08 2:53pm

The 10,000-Year-Old Clock that Inspired Neal Stephenson's Anathem

The Long Now, a futurist think tank, is the organization behind the millennium clock — a time-counting device that is designed to last 10,000 years. A device like it shows up in Neal Stephenson's forthcoming novel Anathem, and today the Long Now explains how the scifi author was involved in the conceptualization of… » 7/21/08 11:40am 7/21/08 11:40am

Neal Stephenson Explains Who Should Play Spock

In a tone of deep seriousness that sounds practically professorial, scifi author Neal Stephenson shared some grave thoughts a couple of months ago about science fiction actors. In this clip, the author of The Diamond Age and Cryptonomicon tells a London audience how SF actors' careers are "bifurcated" — they're… » 7/07/08 8:00am 7/07/08 8:00am

Plot of New Neal Stephenson Novel Revealed

We've heard rumors about Neal "Snow Crash" Stephenson's new novel, but nothing more concrete than that it would be called Anathem and it would be a space opera about math and aliens. That would mark a real departure for the novelist, who has dealt only with human histories and futures in his previous works like The… » 3/31/08 12:30pm 3/31/08 12:30pm

Neal Stephenson's New Novel Remains Shrouded in Mystery

You can now pre-order Neal "Cryptonomicon" Stephenson's new novel Anathem, due out in September, but as of yet the author has made very few comments about it. Nor has his publisher, William Morrow. All we know comes from the LiveJournal entry of a Google employee who asked the author about it last year when he read… » 3/18/08 8:40am 3/18/08 8:40am