Neal Stephenson Gets Half A Million Dollars, But Did He Have To Switch Genres To Get It?

Neal Stephenson confirmed his status as one of science fiction's leading authors, in the wake of the acclaimed Anathem, by selling his next book in what Publisher's Marketplace calls a "major deal." (In other words, it was worth at least $500,000.) But the book, called REAMDE, is classified as "thriller" rather than… »7/14/09 5:45pm

Neal Stephenson Says His New Novel Has Parallels with Bush Era in U.S.

Neal Stephenson's new novel Anathem »8/20/08 7:08pm hits bookstores early next month, and stoking the fires of our anticipation is a meaty article about Stephenson in this month's Wired magazine. Writer Steven "Hackers" Levy profiles the author, who apparently divides his time between writing longhand in his basement, and consulting…