Through These Mean Megastructures, A Woman Must Walk

The Third Claw Of God, the second novel in Adam-Troy Castro's Andrea Cort novels, confirms this series really is something special: the story of a hard-assed former child war criminal who flies around the galaxy solving crimes committed in exotic megastructures. But it's even better than that sounds. Spoilers ahead! » 5/27/09 12:21pm 5/27/09 12:21pm

A.I.s Are The Only Witnesses To Murder Over A Toxic Abyss

I was incredibly excited when I saw that Adam-Troy Castro, one of my favorite short-story writers, had finally published a novel. And Emissaries From The Dead is as great as I'd hoped, a noirish murder mystery set inside an artificial environment created by A.I.s for some unknown purpose. As with the best detective… » 4/28/08 1:00pm 4/28/08 1:00pm