Forget Spidey, When Will Movies Give Us a Decent Peter Parker?

The recent Sony hack has given some insight into just how unsure Sony is about its Spider-Man franchise, but whatever happens next, here's hoping they know how to show Peter Parker and Spider-Man on the big screen. » 12/18/14 3:53pm 12/18/14 3:53pm

Losing Andrew Garfield Could Be The Saddest Part Of A Sony/Marvel Deal

New rumours surrounding Sony say that any potential deal between them and Marvel for Spider-Man movies á la MCU would see the end of Andrew Garfield's time as Peter Parker. But why ditch one of the few great things to come from Sony's mishandling of the Spider-Man franchise? » 12/15/14 11:59pm 12/15/14 11:59pm

Amazing Spider-Man 2 Is A Decent Movie Smothered By Layers Of Crap

Amazing Spider-Man 2 feels like four or five movies jammed together. The good news is, two of those movies are really, really good. The bad news is, the bloat and extra subplots get in the way of the storytelling, and feel like harbingers of overstuffed superhero movies to come. Minor spoilers ahead... » 5/02/14 9:00am 5/02/14 9:00am

Villains of Amazing Spider-Man 2: "This is OUR Origin Story!"

One thing The Amazing Spider-Man 2 has going for it is villains. It's got heaps and heaps of villains. So many villains. And we spoke exclusively to both Electro and the Green Goblin on why this movie is really all about them. » 5/01/14 9:50am 5/01/14 9:50am

Watch Spidey's first meeting with Electro in Amazing Spider-Man 2 clip

This new clip from The Amazing Spider-Man 2 offers some insight into the tragedy of our key villain, Electro. Spider-Man tries to reason with the human live wire, but things aren't looking good for Electro. » 3/11/14 5:12pm 3/11/14 5:12pm

Just how god-like will Electro's powers get in Amazing Spider-Man 2?

While the trailers for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 have shown us tons of villains, Electro is the bad guy who takes center stage — and he has powers that go beyond what we've seen in the trailers so far. He'll go from the saddest of sad sacks to the man whose powers are far beyond anything Peter Parker can imagine. » 7/21/13 10:30am 7/21/13 10:30am

Watch Andrew Garfield stay in character during the Spider-Man 2 panel

Andrew Garfield didn't make a wall-crawling entrance into the Amazing Spider-Man 2 panel at Comic-Con, but he did arrive in costume and in character. For the first part of the panel, Garfield answered only to the name "Spider-Man" and replied to all questions in character. » 7/20/13 9:00am 7/20/13 9:00am

Holy crap Jamie Foxx looks insane as Electro in Amazing Spider-Man 2

There's a lightning bolt on his sleeve! Get it? You get it. Behold the first official picture of Jamie Foxx as Spider-Man's new nemesis in The Amazing Spider-Man 2. In other news, Andrew Garfield is open to making Peter Parker gay by swapping Mary Jane out for a boy, Mark Johnson. » 7/10/13 12:12pm 7/10/13 12:12pm

The Amazing Spider-Man will hint at future Spidey villains!

Director Marc Webb has spent WonderCon talking up his Spider-Man reboot, and he revealed one big new detail. While the Lizard is the main villain this time around, the movie will also hint at who Spidey will face in the sequels. » 3/17/12 7:49pm 3/17/12 7:49pm

Detailed breakdown of Spider-Man's new trailer shows off the Lizard!

You've seen the exceptionally moody and action-packed new trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man. But what secrets does it hide about the Lizard and Spider-Man's parents? » 2/07/12 12:47pm 2/07/12 12:47pm

EUREKA! The first look at the new Spider-Man symbol. What are the odds that this is some gang sign in an alley, and this is just…

Director Marc Webb says the Lizard "literally embodies" themes of the…

We had a lot of burning questions about the big Spider-Man reboot, The Amazing Spider-Man. Is Peter Parker cool now? Where does Emma stand on the Gwen Vs. Mary-Jane debate? How does Dr. Curt Connors fit into this webby world they've created? » 7/26/11 11:00am 7/26/11 11:00am

The Biggest Winners and Losers of Comic-Con 2011

San Diego Comic Con is a mosh pit of tastemakers. A good showing at Comic Con can generate unstoppable buzz for a project, that can last for months. A weak showing can deal a devastating setback to a creator's dreams. » 7/25/11 1:31pm 7/25/11 1:31pm

First trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man shows off Spidey's new web-cam!

The first ever trailer for Marc Webb's Spider-Man reboot is officially out! See how Peter Parker has mutated from the wide-eyed Sam Raimi superhero to this lanky gloom cloud incarnation played by Andrew Garfield. Plus brand new Spider Vision! Watch! » 7/20/11 11:40am 7/20/11 11:40am

Does this Spider-Man set pic show off the new movie's villain?

We've caught our first glimpse of the villain of Marc Webb's Spider-Man reboot (sort of). While shooting a special scene, one oddly covered extra scurried past photographers hoping to hide his identity. But his eyes reveal his secret. » 5/03/11 10:47am 5/03/11 10:47am

Spider-Man set leak teases the climatic final Spidey showdown

Marc Webb's high school-set Spider-Man reboot is currently filming, and a new set report suggests that the movie's showdown will be a lot more dramatic than the jazz-handed previous installment. Spoilers ahead... » 2/21/11 12:22pm 2/21/11 12:22pm

Spider-Man reboot gets a title and a brooding new image

Sony has released another awesome action shot from Marc Webb's new Spider-Man reboot — which is now called The Amazing Spider-Man. Check out our first official look at the new Spider-Man mask! » 2/14/11 12:35pm 2/14/11 12:35pm

Is the new Spider-Man copying a scene from The Dark Knight?

A new batch of images from Marc Webb's Spider-Man reboot have us scratching our heads. But after some close inspection we think we know what the new Spidey, Andrew Garfield, is up to. Spoilers and speculation ahead. » 2/04/11 11:25am 2/04/11 11:25am

Confirmed: The new Spider-Man won't have organic web-shooters!

The first major difference between Marc Webb's Spider-Man reboot and the Tobey Maguire series has been confirmed. Andrew Garfield won't develop the power to shoot webs organically, he'll have to build the old-school web shooters! » 1/17/11 8:00am 1/17/11 8:00am

First Look at Andrew Garfield in his Spider-Man Suit

Here it is — the first ever picture of Andrew Garfield in his Spider-Man costume, looking as though he's feeling the Great Responsibility. What do you think? » 1/13/11 12:34pm 1/13/11 12:34pm

The Spider-Man reboot may not do the Gwen Stacy storyline you're…

The newly blonde Emma Stone was chatting up her role as Gwen Stacy in Marc Webb's Spider-Man, and let a few plot details slip about her character. Possible spoilers ahead. » 12/22/10 4:15pm 12/22/10 4:15pm