Tour The Too-Cute-To-Blow-Up Tiny Death Star

NimbleBit, Disney and LucasArts are about to unleash the ultimate weapon on our unsuspecting planet — Tiny Tower, only set on Star Wars' Death Star. Disguising myself as an Australian, I infiltrated the adorable Imperial base, hoping to save my people from destruction. Is there no hope left? » 10/16/13 5:48pm 10/16/13 5:48pm

Man Of Steel Is Not A Bad Game. Just A Bad Superman Game.

If Phosphor Games Man of Steel featured some generic superhero character — if I weren't meant to be stepping into the red boots of a comic book icon with three-quarters of a century of history — I would probably love it. » 6/14/13 3:25pm 6/14/13 3:25pm

See the timeline of Weyland Industries and witness the birth of the…

The full Prometheus trailer isn't the only exciting new media Ridley Scott is sharing today. The Weyland Industries website has been updated with a timeline of the corporation, along with a video of the birth of a certain android. Minor spoilers. » 3/17/12 3:08pm 3/17/12 3:08pm

Watch the first human/humanoid handshake in space!

Yesterday, after almost a year onboard the International Space Station, NASA's tweet-happy automaton astronaut (dubbed Robonaut 2 by its creators) did something no robot has ever done in space: it shook a human's hand. You're looking at what could go down as one of the most iconic grip-and-grins in history — human or… » 2/16/12 9:40am 2/16/12 9:40am

Now you can have the latest photos of Mars sent directly to your phone

NASA's Opportunity rover has been sending images of Mars back to Earth since 2004. Now, computer scientist Mark Powell, of NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, has developed a free app for iPhone and Android that wires these photos directly to your phone. » 1/12/12 1:36pm 1/12/12 1:36pm

In Android, Klaus Kinski wants to build a space!

In Aaron Lipstatdt's 1982 science fiction melodrama Android, Klaus Kinski plays brilliant cyberneticist (and snappy dresser) Dr. Daniel. Don Keith Opper is Max 404, Daniel's assistant and longtime android companion. Daniel and Max are the sole occupants of a deep space laboratory where they are conducting illegal… » 8/27/11 2:30pm 8/27/11 2:30pm

Evil Outer Space Dictators Just Want Kittens

At least one good thing came out of our Knight Rider watching last night, and that was this credit card commercial that we almost missed while whizzing by in TiVo light-speed. An evil galactic ruler and his army of red robo-clones stand poised for dominance, and he uses his newfound power to create his own credit card, … » 2/18/08 9:40am 2/18/08 9:40am