First-ever Maleficent trailer shows Angelina Jolie as Disney's Big Bad

Here it is, the very first trailer for Disney's Maleficent, the origin story for the biggest, baddest witch in the whole collection of Disney villains. This teaser trailer seems more intent on setting up the Sleeping Beauty story rather than Maleficent's past, but that's okay because Angelina Jolie looks fantastic in… » 11/13/13 7:10am 11/13/13 7:10am

First official look at Angelina Jolie as the Evil Queen Maleficent

Behold the first official image of Angelina Jolie as the infamous evil queen from Sleeping Beauty. Maleficent is the "untold story of Disney's most beloved villain, Maleficent, from the 1959 classic Sleeping Beauty. The film reveals the events that hardened her heart and drove her to curse the baby, Aurora." » 6/19/12 7:15am 6/19/12 7:15am

Angelina Jolie's Disney villain movie Maleficent finally gets a release …

Yes, it's finally happening! Disney is going to make a movie for the best villain in its animated library: Maleficent. Disney Studios announced that Maleficent will premiere on March 14, 2014. And that can mean only one thing: Time to start photoshopping Jolie into the infamous villain headdress. » 4/09/12 4:55pm 4/09/12 4:55pm

Wanted Strips White-Collar Rage Bare

Wanted is one of the dumbest movies I've ever seen, but also one of the most beautifully filmed. And its scream of strangulated middle-class frustration will lodge in your mind afterwards. Wanted, which opens tonight, is like a John Woo remake of Falling Down, the story of a shlubby white-collar worker who finally,… » 6/26/08 9:00am 6/26/08 9:00am

Wanted Movie Delivers, If You Don't Expect Too Much

There was a lot of initial fan outrage that Timur Bekmambetov's movie version of Mark Millar's "If supervillains ruled the world" comic Wanted ditches the costumes, superpowers and even plot of its source material. But early reviews of the movie seem to suggest that the comic's biggest selling point - that it's a fun,… » 6/17/08 11:09am 6/17/08 11:09am